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Microsoft is a dominant tool used in the business world, because of its vast range of computing solutions. Microsoft allows us to run businesses around the world, create solutions, and make discoveries. It is the most famous and user friendly work program. Microsoft Office affects businesses in many positive ways.
Microsoft Office can be used in any business environment. Word is used for typing, excel for calculations, and powerpoint to creatively display a business’s work. Microsoft is the universal software; in order for a business to stay current, they must use Microsoft Office. Any type of business will find Microsoft Office as a suitable tool. For instance, corporations can use Microsoft Word for memos and publications; a pet grooming business could use Microsoft Publisher to create advertisements. Microsoft Office is also very user friendly; each program features key tips to assist the user in achieving their goal. The business environment today requires sharing data, mobile technology, and fast communication; Microsoft Office provides the tools that allow businesses to do so. Even though Microsoft is loved by many businesses, it lost its title as the leading global software company to Apple in May 2010. It remains a strong resource for businesses, but the competition remains.
In the past, business had to manually create documents using a typewriter, which took a lot of time and effort; however, today the business world is lucky enough to have modern computer programs, such as Microsoft Word, to aid in creating documents and managing business matters. Word contains many formatting and processing tools that may seem complicated, but once understood, make working with documents very simple. One tool is image editing; Word’s image editing feature can help transform bad pictures into excellent pictures. You can resize an image, crop it, and enhance the picture using a variety of formatting tools. For instance, use the brightness slider to take a picture that is too dark and make it lighter and easier to view. Desktop publishing is also a very useful tool in Microsoft; it allows a user to to create professional looking newsletters. It may not offer as much as Microsoft Publisher, but it can manipulate text, insert headings, create borders, add tables, and move images to any location in a document. Use personal pictures or images from the clip art library. Add colorful, unique effects using WordArt. Microsoft Word is also a useful tool when needing to send out newsletters and other materials; use Word mailing wizard to generate personal labels.
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program used for creating slideshows and photo albums that can include music or narrations; it is used to create unique presentations in the business world. Many businesses prefer Powerpoint because of its ability to combine pieces of data. Whether it be a couple of bullet points or hundreds of slides, the information is easily transferrable from the...

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