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Microsoft One Release Essay

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One would assume that society takes video game counsels and technology out of proportion in these modern times. In this article the Xbox One was released on November 22, 2013. During the release of the Xbox One, within the first twenty-four hours of it being released, over one million copies were sold. Microsoft considered it to be, “The biggest launch in Xbox history.” Many advantages were distributed in the Xbox one including the following: Skype, Internet Browsing, Music, Social Media, and the ability to use the Kinect 2.0 system as well. The updated video game counsel had so many fans, many parties were held around the United States. One of the parties that was held, was held in Times Square, New York. Where many people lined the streets awaiting to purchase the Xbox One. The Xbox One was a very hot seller within the United States and other parts of the world.
The Xbox One has many fans and many people like the changes done to the original Xbox. Many people will be affected within the release of the Xbox One. Someone who purchases the Xbox One’s family can be affected due to the time spent on the new Xbox One. With a new video game counsel, much time will be spent on it, depending on the person, so less family time may be concluded. The purchaser will also be affected in a good or bad way, depending on how you look at the topic. The new Xbox One’s owner will now have the advantages of web browsing, Skype, and music whenever they want to use the applications. Another way to think of whom this will affect society is that family time may be brought up with the new video game counsel. Multi-player games are available for the video game system so families can bond while playing the new Xbox together. Depending on how you look at the new video game counsel, determines whether or not society will be affected in a good or bad way.
In this article the Xbox One’s release caused thousands of people to line the streets waiting to purchase the counsel. This can be connected to the world because the...

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