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Microsoft Outlook: An Important Business Tool

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Microsoft Outlook is a comprehensive communications platform, included with Microsoft Office, that enables developers to transform Internet-based email into a set of highly interactive communications services—such as work flow management—in an organization. Closely linked to other Windows applications by means of the messaging services built into Microsoft Windows, Outlook creates many opportunities for imaginative application development. It is one of the most utilized software programs with over 200 million daily users. It has tremendously improved the way businesses operate in their respective industries. The innovation that Outlook provided the businesses that adopted it has advanced so remarkably that those who are not using it in their business are at a significant disadvantage against their competitors. There are several important advantages that it provided—and still provides—to businesses.
Outlook has been the most popular tool for organizing business and communications for over ten years. If a person learns to use it effectively, it can significantly reduce their daily workload. It was designed to make organizing daily information easy. Outlook pulls together everything necessary for daily tasks, appointments, emails, and other details. More importantly, it enables a person to use the same program to deal with many different kinds of information. It is only necessary to deal with one program for the many different situations, such as finding a customer’s phone number, remembering an important meeting, planning tasks for the day and checking them off after they have been accomplished. Outlook also enables someone to record all the work they've done, so they can find what they did and exactly when it was done. Microsoft has called Outlook a Desktop Information Manager. It can serve as a personal assistant when dealing with the many small, but important, details that every busy employee must find a way to organize and accomplish. Outlook also allows people to keep both business and personal information—like addresses, appointments, and phone numbers—in the same accessible location.
Email is an aspect of Outlook that transformed the way most businesses operate. Before Outlook provided email in the office, for in-house communications, a person would physically walk over to the person they wanted to talk to. If...

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