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Microsoft's Entrepreneurship Essay

2440 words - 10 pages

Microsoft Corporation: Entrepreneur Research StudyIntroductionThe evolution of the term entrepreneurship "is derived from the French entreprendre, meaning, "to undertake." "The entrepreneur is one who undertakes to organize, manage, and assume the risks of a business" (Kuratko & Hodgetts, 2004, p. 28). An entrepreneur is also one that has a vision for how an organization should be run and this person also has the drive to make the change and create the organization to their specifications. An entrepreneur must have the energy, passion and willingness to take risks for the good of the business and should have the time and money to manage the opportunity. This dream of becoming an entrepreneur became reality for Bill Gates when he founded the new field of technology through Microsoft.The gateway to globalization is through technology. Effective and efficient technology equipment is a necessity for global expansion. Technology has increasingly become a part of everyday life, not only for corporations, but for individuals as well. At the forefront of new and innovative technology trends is Microsoft Corporation. They understand that technology is the glue that bonds the operation of corporations together. Progressive technology gives organizations a greater advantage when keeping up with competition. Current up to date technology also helps to improve productivity and increase cost savings. Microsoft Corporation provides technology solutions to both organizations and individual consumers. Microsoft strives to "empower people" by supplying organizations and individuals with the most current applications of technology to run organizations more efficient and effectively and to provide individual consumers with an alternative choice. Microsoft has rightfully earned the title of "Software King."Throughout this paper, we will discuss the general company and founder information, the company culture, global and legal issues faced by Microsoft in the beginning, the present and the obstacles Microsoft may face in the future. We will also discuss the operation of the organization, the ethical background, and the workforce of the employees at Microsoft.Microsoft Corporation...A Synopsis/OverviewMicrosoft is an organization whose success depends on that of other technology organizations. Their innovative approach to making computer software that could be easily learned by those who are technologically challenged opened doors to a whole new way of conducting business. Microsoft was responsible for implementing a software program that was ahead of its time and exactly what the business world needed to expand. It allows organizations that are located around the world to have access to important company information at the push of a button. Monash (2006) stated, "Microsoft puts information at your fingertips" (p. 38).Microsoft Corporation was founded April 4, 1975 and currently located in Redmond, Washington. It has a network of six hundred and fifty thousand...

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