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Microsoft Windows Vista: A Comprehensive Look.

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Introduction.I will be discussing Microsoft's upcoming Operating System, Windows Vista.Several people have already started to beta test this Windows version; few people see improvement. Staunch Macintosh users will tell you that Vista is a poor replication of Mac's current Operating System, OSX, and also that Windows is just now starting to do what Mac has been doing for years. Linux and Unix users also are not satisfied with Vista, as Vista will require at least 513 MB of RAM and a graphics processor that is compatible with the Windows Vista Display Driver Model to keep running. Also, purists will state that this beta test of Vista is more like a means to find and troubleshoot the errors that Microsoft cannot seem to discover themselves. There are, however, many additions and modifications since the previous versions of Windows. Speaking of which, I will also compare Windows Vista to the previous Windows version, Windows XP as well as add my own opinion on just how well Vista holds up through the many trials it still has yet to endure.Windows Vista: New and Improved.The year is 2005. Microsoft, always on the inside track of innovation, has unveiled its newest incarnation - Windows Vista. This new Operating System boasts superior features than that of its predecessors, most of which have been branched out into fresh ideas which show why Microsoft operates most of the computer world. Much like all systems, Vista has its share of user friendly icons based on the Graphical User Interface, and also it has much physical control of the system which makes management that much more simplistic. Here are some of the new features available on the beta version of Windows Vista:Added security features that enable the user to interact with the system freely and safely without constant supervision of the system.Internet Explore 7 debuts with malware detection already added. IE 7 ensures safety with highlighted address bars for easy validity checks of websites with socket layer protection.Desktop deployment is now much faster and easier. With new features such as Windows Imaging, Pre-installation Environment and the Application Compatibility Toolkit.Better Connectivity and synchronization to mobile devices, Internet services, cameras, and recording/playback devices.Management is much better with the improved Task Manager which launches when needed by the system. Web services are improved, and scripts are easier to run remotely as well.Quick Startup takes less time to load necessary applications so the user can get to their tasks much faster.New Sleep State mode which has benefits of both hibernation and stand-by modes. Less power consumption which results in longer run time.Windows Server, Codenamed "Longhorn", designed to increase productivity with better security features, richer applications and extra reliability.Enhanced User Interface which includes the new Virtual Folder, expanded Windows explorer windows, and more. Fluid, seamless animation is now the...

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