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Microsoft Xbox Analysis

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Should Microsoft Consider Divesting Xbox?Nicholas Dzierzak, Ryan Mann, Taleen Sarkissian, and Will TompkinsMGMT463: Technology and Innovation StrategyBeing the industry leader within a product category isn't enough anymore for a company to have an optimal strategy. In innovation-heavy industries, significant R&D spending and capital requirements are common in the race to be the market share leader, especially in the world of gaming consoles. This spending makes sense for some companies and not for others.IndexExecutive SummaryVideo Games Hardware Market OverviewMarket Size, Competitive Dynamics by Company, and Competitive Dynamics by Flagship Product5-Forces Analysis of IndustryBuyers, Suppliers, Substitutes, and New EntrantsCurrent S-Curve and Estimated New S-CurveOptions for Microsoft and Xbox_______________________________Maintain Status Quo_________________________________Invest Heavily in XboxDivestiture_________________________________[Add in considerations about trade-offs of investing in Xbox and not in rapidly growing industries like mobile (Windows phone) or Tablets]Course of Action & ConsiderationsTwo-sided marketsMulti-homeSubsidize Games or ConsolesOpen EcosystemNetwork EffectsAlignment of Strategies: Xbox as a channel for MicrosoftOrganizational Structuring to Make it HappenRiskOutcomesAppendix1. Executive SummaryThe purpose of this report is to examine the opportunities for Microsoft Corporation to consider when thinking about the long-term strategic inclusion of Xbox among their portfolio of products and services. To determine the long-term importance of Xbox for Microsoft, our team first took a high-level approach to determine the attractiveness of the gaming console. Our team then evaluated how Microsoft is performing relative to its competitors.To support our overall analysis of the report, our team utilized Euromonitor to pull and analyze important figures for determining growth and strengths within the Video Games Hardware market. The Video Games Hardware market can be more accurately described to include "any electronic device that allows an electronic or computerized game to be played by manipulating images on a video display or TV screen." [Euromonitor_Export] This includes gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii. In addition to consoles, this category also includes accessories for video game consoles as well as hand-held devices, such as the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation PSP. Although these additions are not by themselves traditional game consoles, they are important to include in evaluating the overall brand strength. Comment by Ryan Mann: What do the highlights mean? Can you use footnotes to reference (easybib)? Comment by Will Tompkins: Don't know why it's green but the yellow sections were a reminder of what needed to be updated with a footnote. I planned to footnote them after we read through and make sure we want them in. Comment by Taleen Sarkissian: I like this fact. Do we still need to add the...

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