Microstrip Antenna Analysis And Measurement

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ELE 3330 Laboratory Experiment: Microstrip Antenna Analysis and Measurement Lee Sim Heung (Student ID: 0065 4331) Yam Chun Kit (Student ID: 0075 8792) Date of Experiment: 12th March 2002 Objective Analyze the microstrip antennas by the transmission line model. Measure the resonant frequency and antenna gain of a microstrip antenna.Introduction Microstrip antenna has advantages that small size, light weight, simple and inexpensive to manufacture. It can be used in aircraft, satellite application, mobile radio and wireless communication system. Rectangular Microstrip Antenna is the most widely used configuration. The transmission line modeling of a rectangular microstrip antenna will be applied in this experiment. In addition, the measurement of the resonant frequency and antenna gain will be introduced.The transmission line model is the easiest of all. The rectangular microstrip antenna can be represented as an array of two radiating slots separated by a low-impedance transmission line of length L.The resonant frequency of an antenna is determined by its input impedance and the characteristic impedance of the interconnecting transmission line. Input impedance of an antenna represents the ratio of the voltage to current at its terminals, it is generally a function of frequency. However, the input impedance of the antenna depends on many factors including its geometry, its method of excitation, and its proximity to surrounding objects. Due to these complex geometries, the input impedance usually determined experimentally.The antenna gain is usually defined with reference to an isotropic radiator. With reference to an isotropic radiator antenna gain G is defined as: where Pa = power density radiated by the antenna in a given direction, Pi = power density radiated by an isotropic radiator.Procedures Part A Reflection coefficient of Antenna 1) Connect Rectangular Microstrip Antenna to Network Analyzer. Measure the reflection coefficient of the Patch Antenna.2) Find the resonant frequency of the antenna Part B Resonant frequency of Antenna 1) Setup the apparatus shown on Figure 1.2) With 100MHz stepping frequency, measure the received power from operation frequency 2.5GHz to 3.2GHz.3) Comment on the result, find the resonant frequency of the antenna and compare the result with Part (A).4) Comment on the procedure of finding the resonant frequency of antenna between Part (A) and (B).Part C Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Analysis Given that the width of the rectangular microstrip antenna in the previous part is 65.7mm, height is 1mm, dielectric constant is 2.17, based on the resonant frequency measured, calculate the actual length and the effective length of the patch by using transmission-line model.Part D Antenna gain measurement 1) From the result of Part...


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7980 words - 32 pages Copyright 2007 WiMAX Forum "WiMAX," "WiMAX Forum," the WiMAX Forum logo, "WiMAX Forum Certified," and the WiMAX Forum Certified logo are trademarks of the WiMAX Forum. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. A Comparative Analysis of Mobile WiMAX™ Deployment Alternatives in the Access Network May 2007 ________________________________________________________________________ . Copyright 2007 WiMAX Forum "WiMAX

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845 words - 3 pages part of any strategy. The benefits of critical thinking are countless and can profit one's life in many situations.Ability to apply critical thinking at my workplace is an essential part of everyday proceedings. I work as a program manager for a medium size antenna and radar measurement company. It is considered as a high tech company with various departments supporting daily business activities. My main role within the company is to manage


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