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Mid Atlantic Slave Trade Essay

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How does one start and ongoing tradition of racism in this world? For many years, foolish citizens around the world thought that the provocation of a different skin-colored race was encouraged and was accepted by society. Numerous people just saw Africa as the land where labour and goods were abundant, and dark-colored people were created for nothing but slave work. There was a fine line between humane and inhumane when it came to handling African people. The trafficking of slaves was such an extensive business during the 17th and 18th century. Not only was there the importing and exporting of slaves, but there was also other materials traded during the time. Goods such as cotton, tobacco, coffee, chocolate and so on were traded along side the slaves. This was because at the time, Africa was involved in something called a “triangular trade.” Africa was tangled in the three way trade with America and Europe. What most people don’t know is that those weren’t the only continents that were involved. This spread globally and it was almost impossible to put to a stop. Even though most people thought that the idea of capturing innocent Africans was unethical, nobody could afford to put the business to a halt. It was cheaply induced labour and no one seemed to be able to turn away from the sight of that. The Mid Atlantic Slave Trade was a dark time period involving racism, terrorism, harassment, and so on. There were several different causes of the Mid-Atlantic slave trade. It involved an overwhelming amount of people around the world that supported the capturing, enslaving, the harassment of innocent people. The effect of the Mid-Atlantic Slave Trade had a tremendous impact on the world and the repercussions of it are still around today.
“I punish them with every sort of hardship until I compel them to behave as slaves.” (Xenophon, The Slave Trade page 30.) Any kind of torture was considered reasonable at the time because people with dark-colored skin was looked at as dirty and worthless. Africans that were contained in constricted boats would sail day and night to reach the trading ports. What was the cause of all this? Business men back in the day were looking for cheap labour for the worthless jobs that nobody wanted to do. But what exactly was the Mid Atlantic Slave Trade? It was the buying and selling of faultless people from all around the globe. Slave trade started off with the bartering Native Americans and indigenous people. The downside to the trading of Native Americans was that the labour did not come cheap. Also, their knowledge of the land would give them an upper hand when it came down to escaping from their owners. Indigenous people lacked the immunity of diseases when they were brought to the different countries. Diseases such as mumps and small pox would kill them even before arriving to their destination. But then during the 15th century, the Portuguese started to explore their way to Africa because they were trying to avoid the...

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