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Mid City Hear Ot New Orleans Essay

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Imagine living in Mid-city; There are several reasons why Mid-city is the heart of New Orleans and its people. People think Mid-City is just a normal but its not, its the eye catcher of New Orleans. Mid-city is the area where all cultures (Black, White, Indian, Chinese and more) meet (Mid-City Snapshot 1). The population after Hurricane Katrina decreased dramatically. Most homes are modern old architecture shot-gun houses. The violence reached a climatic rate after Katrina. Now, the city is under recovery and still progressing in the movement (Mid-City Snapshot 1).

Mid-City is located at the center of New Orleans, mid-way between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain. Mid-City is ...view middle of the document...

Throughout Mid-City have highlights the different architectural-style housing that has become synonymous with New-Orleans the much loved camelbacks, shotgun doubles, and Victorian styles homes (Renaissance 1).

“Back of Town” is what the area was called in the 19th century. It was an expansive swamping land with a few dairy farms operating in the area and cemeteries. Mid-City neighborhoods have carved out their own unique identity (Mid-City Snapshot 1)

Mid-City has a comfortable of various land uses, with a mixture of restaurants, shops, schools, churches, walking tours and its most noted cemeteries (MC Organization 1). Nearly the whole part of the downtown area was 100% devastated in the medical area. While everything is improving the crime and violence rate is increasing sky rockets high. (MC Organization 1).

In the Mid-City area there are some Gang members called the “Mid-City Killer” or the “Young Gansta Gang” which have escalated the crime rate. Police officers and detectives say that there are the cause of many murders, robberies, and more in the district area (Martin Gang Related 1). The leader happens to go by “Big Rob”; real name Robert Gray. He is also the guy behind Facebook posting threats to anyone who there feuding with. Facebook lead the police to finding out he was the leader to the gang.

Some of the post he would make would say something like “if you are looking for real killers, Mid-City were it’s at” “If I get the opportunity I’m gonna let these bullets fly like birds. ” (Martin Gang Related 1).There gang has been recently been beefing with the St. Thomas also know as the 10th ward. He has recently killed a young teenager boy because he from...

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