Mid Life Crisis In Minority Report

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Tanya RamirezProfessor JettEnglish B1A25 September 2014Mid-life Crisis in Minority ReportMid-life crisis is a feeling of having your life not fit you. This feeling makes you concerned for your appearance and affects how you view your life and the people in it. In the short story Minority Report by Philip K. Dick, John Anderton, is worried of losing his job, wife, and hair. In the short story it is stated "The first thought Anderton had when he saw the young man was: I'm getting bald. Bald and fat and old" (Dick 118). He worries that his new younger coworker, Ed Witwer, is threatening all these aspects of his life. As Edmund Sherman said in his book Meaning in Mid-Life Transitions, "in cases of middle-aged men whose primary, identification has been with their work roles or careers, mandatory retirement or unemployment can indeed lead to an identity crisis" (102). He strongly believes that he is out for his job and that he is framing him to a murder he has not yet committed. Over all Anderton over reacts in thinking his wife and coworker are plotting against him because he is going through a mid-life crisis in which it makes him take actions into his own hands.To Anderton his life is his job. He started the precrime company from the ground up. He states to Witwer "I founded Precrime and I can stay on here as long as I want" (Dick 120).Anderton says this to Witwer because they talked of him being his assistant until he retires and he wanted to get things clear that he would not retires anytime soon. When Anderton greated his much younger and very attractive wife he noticed Witwer looking at her, that's when Anderton reevaluated his life and relationship with his wife. As Ryan Henry states in his article "Marital Problems Occurring in Midlife" "two most common problems were money and communication" (406). Which refers to if he lost his job he would then begin to have problems with his wife as well as having trouble communicating what is going on with him being framed. Also in the short story Anderton says to himself after noticing Witwer gazing at his wife: "Someone who was closely connected with Precrime and had access to the analytical equipment. Lisa was an improbable element. But the possibility did exist" (Dick 123). This is when he begins to believe his wife might be plotting against him because she works for Precrime as well. Even though he believes her to be a suspect she still explains to her the card and how someone is framing him and out for his job. She tells her: "I'm being framed… this creature is out to get my job. The senate is getting me through him." His wife thinks him over reacting and that's when he believes that she is involved with Witwer in...

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