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She may feel dysfunctional, doomed to a life full of loneliness, depression, and failure. The middle child has been stereotyped with these characterizations for years. However, many people don’t realize that there is a real problem called “Middle Child Syndrome” that effect children all over the world. The middle child is sandwiched in between the first-born and the last making them feel overlooked. Parents are joyously experiencing all the milestones with their first then basking in these same events in the younger child’s growth savoring the last opportunities. This leaves the one in the middle feeling as if they don’t matter because they aren’t getting as much attention. While Middle ...view middle of the document...

Since the eldest is the first for everything, every day is a new adventure for the parents. The baby of the family is always adorable and the youngest so the parents try to keep then young for as long as possible. Many times the middle child feels as if they are blended in the background of the family. It is harder for the middle child to feel like they can be set apart from the mix (Varma, 2013). They feel they have work harder to separate themselves from their family then they’re other brothers or sisters. This can lead to an increase in sibling rivalries. Every child in a family is competing for the parent’s love and attention. If the middle child doesn’t feel as important it will cause tension between the others and the middle child (“What are the”, n.d.). However, this doesn’t not happen in families where the middle child is the opposite gender then his or her siblings, for example, if the middle child is a girl while she has an older and younger brother, she may not get the same affects of being a middle child because she is the only girl and will have special attention different form her brothers. In many cases, the middle child will create their own “family” outside of the traditional family unit. They will look to friends and other people to make a family that they feel like they belong to. Along with sibling rivalries and the struggle to feel noticed, new research has shown that middle children are at a higher risk for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Varma, 2013). Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is characterized by severe and continued tiredness that cannot be reduced through sleep or other rest that is not directly related to other medical conditions. It can cause muscle weakness, impaired memory, insomnia, and reduced participation in daily activities. (“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” 2012).
The downsides of being the middle child can seem daunting. However, there are benefits of the middle child. Yes, in some cases they tend to feel overlooked, but it has made the middle children are more prepared when it comes time to become independent and being out on their own in the world, away from their parents. They feel more confident to be on their own because they have done it for most of their lives. Also because they are better listeners, they are better negotiators. One of the recommended jobs for middle children is in law enforcement (Auerbach, 2011). Middle children also tend to more drawn towards principles and concepts instead of power. They would rather feel morally ground then have power and no morals (Griffin, 2012).
Bill Gates, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, and Tom Hiddleston; these are people who rose above the common mold of the dreaded, depressed middle child. While there are successful people from all parts of the...

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