Middle Childhood And Late Adolescence Comparison: This Was My Final

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There are five developmental stages in a growing child's life. It all starts at birth, which is known as infancy, it lasts until age 2. Then there is early childhood which is from ages 2-6, and then comes middle childhood which is from 6-10 years old. Early adolescence is the next stage which spans from 10-14 years old and then late adolescence which is from 14-18 years old. The two stages that stand out most in development to some researchers are middle childhood and late adolescence. From the earliest age in middle childhood to the oldest age in late adolescence, there is an eight year gap. There is so much growing done in between these two stages that the transition is truly remarkable. There will be a comparison and overview of each one of the developmental characteristics which will explain the profile for each stage.(McDevitt & Ormrod, 2004)Middle childhood starts at the early age of 6 years old, when most children this age are missing a few teeth and are making way for their adult ones. In this developmental stage middle children do not have big growth spurts, they will gain weight and grow taller very steadily, and it is not until puberty where they have their bigger growth spurts. When this child was younger they would run and giggle just for the fun of it, and now they are much more coordinated. They will run when playing organized sports and games with their friends. Physical features become concerns of even children as young as 6 years old and continue to be on their mind all throughout middle school, and high-school. They will notice that their teeth are not straight enough, or that they do not have pretty hair like the other children. Boys do experience this, but the majority of children that have problems with their self-esteem are girls. In late adolescence the bigger physical changes have already occurred in the pubescent stage, but some changes still can occur in the later teenage years. Young men and women can still be gaining pubic hair, growing taller, gaining weight, and in girls starting their menstrual period. In late adolescence they will worry about their looks and weight just as middle childhood, but sometimes they will take it to the extreme and try to change their image to fit it. They might become bulimic or anorexic to achieve that perfect weight. Both of these stages are ones that do not have big physical changes, but when a person looks at a child who is a 8 years old who is standing next to a 16 years old teenager, the person will definitely see the difference in age groups. The pubescent period which is the early adolescence developmental stage is where all the big changes happen in between those to stages.Since the middle childhood developmental stage is more coordinated and can communicate more maturely that early childhood their social skills are definitely expanding. They are able to have friends by sharing, listening, playing, and understand their view points. They will make friends with other children...

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