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Chapter one
Apprentices named Isaiah, Michael, and Luke were summed to the castle. They had trained under the greatest warriors in the country, there fathers . Isaiah was becoming a elven warrior, Michael was becoming a Dwarfish champion. And Luke was becoming a guardian. “Hey Michael wait up,” Isaiah said catching up with Michael.
Isaiah said “I can't believe graduating today, hey here comes Luke.”
"Hi Isaiah. Hi Michael, after the graduation there is a big feast."
“There is a rumor that Cronus is making a come back,” Isaiah whispered. “Where did you here that,” Michael asked? “Um... at the red inn, don't tell my parents,” he said.
In ten more minutes they were ...view middle of the document...

Micheal’s gave him a battle ax and throwing knifes, and armor. Isaiah,s gave him a elven sword , long knives, and bow and arrow and armor. Luke's gave him a shield with a cross on it, and a short and long sword. Then they dropped down to the ground outside the castle. “ Which path should we take, the one to the swamp or the lonely marsh.
Isaiah suggest “How about the lonely march, did you know that it was a battle field now it's a grave. There are goblins there eating the dead bodies.” Luke shouted “No!” Michael said “Yes!!”
They told him “You're out voted.”
“But the lonely marshes have a lot of goblins. we'll be killed”
“ We will be able to test our new weapons, my dad said the will shine when dangers near," Isaiah said.

Chapter two
The realm of giant spiders
They decided to go through the deadly marshes. “um... guys wait,” “The king told us that the princesses are being held for ransom,” Isaiah said.
“but he didn’t tell us were to go, I think we should go to his last known base in the mountains,” said Michael.
“Let get started, this should be awesome,” Isaiah said.
They started walk towards the river 10 miles out side the castle. They rowed across the river and set out, when they were 1mile away from a huge forest. “ Hey Isaiah look there's a huge eagle above us,” Luke said.
“ That's a big eagle.” “No wait it's a griffin!” “Run for the forest it can't follows there.”
As they ran a griffin cawed calling to a other griffins. As they neared the forest a griffin picked up Luke. Luke Screamed “ Get me down from here!!!”
“ Isaiah shoot the griffin.”
“ I can't. I might hit Luke.”
“ Our weapons will glow when we get closer,” Michael said.
As they ran closer they saw him being dropped in a giant tree.
When they reached the tree Luke started climbing the tree. Michael reached a huge branch he called down. “ Are coming.”
“ No I will shoot any griffins attack you,” Isaiah told him.
“ Okay don't hit me!!!”

Suddenly when Michael was near the top a griffin swooped at him. Isaiah quickly loaded two arrows In his bow, then fired. One arrow hit the griffin,s wing and the other one hit right next to Michael,s neck.
Michael almost lost his grip and fell. When he reached the top he peeked over the edge, And he saw Luke tied up with a goblin next to him.
Michael quickly climbed down.
He whispered “ there's a goblin up there. I wonder why ?”
“Maybe there in league with Cronus,” Isaiah said
“ Why is he named Cronus,” Michael asked.
“ I don't know,” Isaiah answered
“ I am going to climb up and take care of the goblin.” Isaiah said
He started climbing up the tree. When he was at the top of the tree he leap over the edge. He wrestle the goblin then he threw him over the edge. The goblin fell on Michael sprawling them on the ground. They hopped up then started circling each...

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