Middle East Countries’ Stock Markets Under Contrarian And Momentum Strategies

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This research aims to investigate the Middle East countries’ stock markets within the framework of momentum and contrarian strategies. Potential foreign investors, who have been able to make direct investments in the Middle East countries’ stock markets, should study the recent history of these stock markets in order to understand the risks that accompany the high returns. Accordingly this research considers the Middle East countries’ stock markets from January 1997 to December 2010 and provides an analysis of their performance under various momentum and contrarian strategies. The research method that is employed draws upon and is an extension of Lo, Andrew W. and A. Craig MacKinlay, 1990 and Jegadeesh, Narasimhan and Sheridan Titman, 2001.

Numerous studies have uncovered stock return anomalies based on trading strategies. For example, Jegadeesh and Titman (1993) find that trading strategies which buy past 6 to 12 month winners and short sell past losers earn significant profits over the subsequent 6 to 12 month period. Moskowitz and Grinblatt (1999) further show that such momentum effects are mainly driven by industry factors in the sense that the profitability of individual stock momentum strategies can be substantially explained by industry momentum. That is, momentum strategies that buy stocks from past winning industries and sell stocks from past losing industries are highly profitable and can capture almost all the profits from individual stock momentum strategies. They also show superior returns to industry momentum strategies after adjusting for size, book-to-market, and microstructure effects. While Moskowitz and Grinblatt (1999) show the existence of an industry momentum effect, the sources of its profitability are unclear. They conjecture that such an effect might be due to ‘‘. . .there are. . . hot and cold sectors of the economy, and investors may simply herd toward (away from) these hot (cold) industries and sectors, causing price pressure that could create return persistence.’’ (p. 1287). This conjecture is consistent with a number of plausible explanations. For instance, Conrad and Kaul (1998) claim that momentum profits are primarily due to cross-sectional variation in unconditional mean returns. According to Conrad and Kaul’s arguments, if realized returns are strongly correlated to expected returns, then past winners (losers) that have higher (lower) returns tend to yield higher (lower) expected returns in the future. Thus, momentum strategies that buy past winner industries and short sell past loser industries would be profitable. Alternatively, the price momentum can also be explained by several existing behavioral models (e.g. Barberis et al., 1998; Daniel et al., 1998; Hong and Stein, 1999), which attempt to provide a theoretical framework for the empirical return anomalies documented in the finance literature. Hong and Stein (1999) propose a framework under which there are two types of investors: news...

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