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In our scene from Middle of the Night, There are two characters; Betty and Marilyn. My character Betty is in her room getting ready for a date when Marilyn walks in. Marilyn is a very close friend of Betty’s and has been for six years. Betty and Marilyn seem like the kind of friends who are close because they are in similar circumstances. They are both married woman in their mid twenties who go shopping for their family’s together and talk about marital gossip. Their friendship is almost effortless because it is so natural and apart of their daily routine. Betty and Marilyn probably see each other every day however, because Betty is now considering a divorce and dating a new man, her daily routine has been thrown out of balance. In our scene, It feel’s like Marilyn has not seen Betty in two or three days. She also already knows about Betty’s situation and has talked to her about it before. This is why in our scene when Marilyn comes to see Betty, the first too things she says to her are, “well, how do you feel”, and “What’s new”. Betty knew that Marilyn was not going to approve of her decision and that there was a very slim chance of convincing her. Betty has been avoiding this conversation.
This inevitable conversation that is our scene take’s place in Betty’s Bedroom in her mother’s apartment. Betty has moved back home because of her marital strife. Betty’s family seems to be of an upper middle socioeconomic status however; this is still a bedroom in a city apartment so the space is probably limited. Betty and Marilyn are completely alone in a closed off environment. Betty even asks Marilyn to close the door when she comes in so we know that they have complete privacy. Although this is Betty’s bedroom and it is obvious that Marilyn is coming in on Betty’s Turf, Marilyn still take’s control. Because Marilyn is so close to not only Betty but Betty’s mother as well, Marilyn feels almost just as comfortable and at home in this space as Betty does. Before this seen, Marilyn was also sent to talk to Betty about this topic bye Betty’s mother who owns the apartment. Marilyn goes to tell Betty that the divorce is a bad idea, which is both an act of Marilyn mothering Betty and a reiteration of what Betty’s mother had already told her. Because of this, Marilyn has just as much power in this space as Betty. They are both in a very comfortable environment which make’s them feel safe...

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