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Middle School Field Experience Essay

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I completed my fifteen hours of observation in Dowdell Middle Magnet School. I observed five teachers. The subjects I observed were Math and Science. Each Teacher I observed has a different style of teaching and handles situation differently.
I observed the Sixth, Seventh, and Eight Grade in Math. The first week I did my observation, the math teachers were reviewing for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). The sixth grade teacher had the students go on the board to do the problems that they worked as a group. If the student did not know how to solve the problem she would have another student help, if both students did not know how to solve the problem she will go on the board and show the students on how to solve the problem. The students were listening and following the teacher and they participated when she ask question. The teacher kept her tablet with her to keep track of any bad behavior from the student. ...view middle of the document...

The Eight grade class that I observed was more reserved. The teacher ask the students what equation they need assistance with, the student will raise their hand and then the teacher will go over the equation on the board and made sure that the students understood the problem. All the eighth graders participated without the teacher telling them that they needed to participate. The math teachers that I observed were positive, friendly, and courteous. The teachers stayed professional and did not get sidetrack from teaching the class. When a child needed to be corrected and was warned several times the student was placed in another classroom for the remaining time of the class.
I also observed Spanish. The Spanish classes that I observed were mixed class. The class included all grades. I only observed one teacher for Spanish. The teacher would begin the class with the date in Spanish and then continue with the lesson for the day. During my observation a student disrespected the teacher. The teacher was calm and asked the student to go to the timeout classroom for the remaining time of the class. The student told the teacher that she will not and left the classroom. The teacher contacted the main office to advice of what happened. The teacher continued to teach the class and the student participated. When a student participated they receive a sticky note to write their name and at the end of the week the class did a raffle. When the lesson was done for the day, the teacher played a game with the Spanish verbs that they learned. All the students participated. At the end of the class the student came back to apologize and the teacher talked to the student in a calm and polite way. The teacher was professional the entire time.
The teachers I observed are different and unique. Every teacher has their way of teaching their class. I observed how teachers handle a difficult student and how the student’s behavior is tracked. The teachers I observed showed that they love to teach their students and want to see their students prosper. My observation experience was a great experience and I would do it all over again.

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