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"Middlesex" By Jeffery Eugenides Essay

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Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides, story on events from the past affect the future. Incestuous love between a brother and sister produced a mutated gene that would affect the eventual grand-daughter morphing to a grand-son. Jeffrey Eugenides suggests that society always believes to be missing something in their life; attempting to fill the missing piece producess in mixed outcomes of good and bad.
Tessie, the love child of a brother and sister, focuses on a desire for a daughter for a different kind of relationship emerging in a good and bad outcome. “As much as Tessie loved her son, she knew there were certain things she’d be able to do only with a daughter” (6). Tessie had a son and felt a love for him, but was missing a girl. Her craving for a daughter symbolizes how society always believes to be missing something in their life, because she already has a son and still desires a daughter. Later, Tessie would follow her husbands hair brained scheme on conceiving a daughter, by having sexual intercourse at the beginning of ovulation. Resulting in the idea that the male sperm would be killed off quickly making room for the female sperm to fertilize the egg. Going with her husband’s idea did give Tessie what she wanted, a daughter. Until they realized she had a mutated gene and would eventually endure surgery to become male. The conclusion of filling what Tessie is missing symbolizes the mixed outcomes, because she had gotten what she wanted to begin with, a daughter. But, in the end would not receive what she wanted as her daughter’s surgery would morph her into a son. A person’s need to fill a missing piece may ensue into what they want,...

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