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Midlife Crisis Essay

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Certain feelings of fear and confusion are normal in midlife. However, if they are creating an excessive amount of emotional turmoil it is advised that you speak with a counselor or therapist.

Midlife Crisis Causes
Often our westernized cultures tend to portray those who are older as boring, lifeless, intellectually lacking, and out-dated. While youth is heralded as being the perfect state. In western cultures especially, the wisdom of those who are older, their skills and life experience is greatly devalued. It's no wonder that many people fear getting older as they approach midlife.

Physical Changes
Advertising and media have contributed to the idea of keeping a youthful appearance is ...view middle of the document...

Not only do we have to deal with the pain of losing them, but it also causes us to realize we are now the older generation.

Mending fences and dealing with issues.
It's not uncommon for those in midlife who have been estranged from their families to try to reconnect. Traumatic and hurtful childhood experiences often come to the forefront in midlife as we try to grapple with them and make sense of them. Sometimes it's during midlife people find that they have a dreaded condition or disease, and it serves as a catalyst to dealing with issues from earlier in life. It can create a desire to live differently.

Empty Nest and Career Changes
Women, especially stay-at-home-moms, experience "the empty nest syndrome" during midlife. Mothers who have spent a great deal of time with their children have a difficult time when their children grow up and leave home. They have a difficult time trying to figure out exactly what there role as "mother" now is supposed to look like. Sometimes they can feel that now that the children are gone they have no identity or purpose. Men on the other hand, can feel that the opportunity to develop a

deep relationship with their children is gone forever. they often experience a great deal of regret and depression as a result.
Midlife also brings with it the feeling of being passed over for promotions at work or may be forced into early retirement. These kind of career changes leave men and women grasping for purpose and meaning in their lives.

Relationship Changes
About 30% of marriages split up during midlife for a number of reasons. Most marriages have been centered around raising and nurturing children. When the children leave home there is nothing that bonds the husband and wife together.
If there have been unresolved marital issues, midlife brings them to the surface. It is during this time in live that people feel it may be their last shot at being happy. Sometimes there is a power shift as roles and responsibilities change. Women sometimes gain greater confidence and pursue a career after the children have left home and their husband takes early retirement. This role change can cause a confict if not dealt with properly.

Often people during their midlife years must take on the responsibility of caring for elderly parents or a spouse. This can sometimes trigger a midlife crisis, as the physical and mental demands become greater.

Menopause and Midlife Crisis
There is much misinformation about menopause. Some literature implies that women who are experiencing menopause are completely overcome by fluctuating hormone levels and are incapable of sound judgment, clear thinking, rational behavior and are given to depression. On the other hand there are those who would have us to believe that there are no real symptoms.
The fact is, every women experiences menopause differently. Some become depressed at the passing of their child-bearing years, while others view it as freedom. Some women who chose not to have...

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