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Midnight Club: The Ultimate Destination For Having Fun

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MIDNIGHT CLUB – ultimate destination for having fun

Executive Summary
This business plan is concerned with opening our night club named as “Midnight Club” to explore our entrepreneurial skills. In the past few years, the demand for good night clubs has increased both among young and middle age persons. The nightclub will be opened in Lifestyle Mall in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi which is a central place though a little bit expensive for the night club. This business plan has given a detailed picture as to how the club will start the business which is concerned with acquisition of finance, attracting the target audiences and making profits. We have carried out a market research in detail to find out offerings of different night clubs operating in market. On the basis of such research, we have formulated our own strategy to penetrate the market.
This report also contains financial projections in a detailed manner comprising profit and loss account and cash flow statement for next three years. In the beginning of the plan, an introduction of our company along business concept and model has been given. In the later part of the report, external environmental analysis through PEST analysis and Competitors analysis has been undertaken. This is followed by SWOT analysis and detailed financial plan for our club. In the end, the view of our group for undertaking this business has been discussed.
Introduction of our Club – “Midnight Club”
Business activity
Our club will be opened under the name of “Midnight Club” and will offer the services of night club in central part of Delhi. Our Company will capitalize the booming craze for parties in youngsters and office goers. With the increase in disposable income of consumers and the increasing preference of young people for parties and get together, they would not mind spending some bucks in a place where they get fun and entertainment.
We plan to have our business office in the club itself and our dance club will be able to have a party of around 800 persons. We are confident that we will be able to build a good market on the basis of offer of world class services to the visitors.
Our club will have best audio and video system and we will keep concentration on ambience in the club and offer security to visitors also.
Our Club Aims and objectives
The main aim of opening night club by us would be application of our entrepreneurial skills and at the same time we will be able to earn good profits also.
Description of Our Business concept (Potential opportunity)
The potential opportunity in the market is that night clubs have become a popular and regular place for the youngsters as well as business executives to visit. People prefer a place where they are able to found good ambience and they can have fun and entertainment. We will provide good ambience, good service facilities and sufficient security for visitors which will make our club popular in the market.
The main thing...

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