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Midnight Memories Essay

1408 words - 6 pages


The lights were dimmed; the music blasting through my buzzing ears, a hussie grinding her body against me. I gently squeezed her bum, hinting I wanted her to go faster; she did.

"Enjoying yourself?" Niall asked, dragging a girl dressed in only a thong and a see-through bra.

Smirking, I pulled the unknown girl closer, whilst she gave out a small shriek. "Definatly; you?"

"What do you think?" Niall asked, his eyes flickered over to the lingere wearing whore. "Here you go mate," he hiccuped, handing me my twelveth drink of the night, which I had asked him to get me one hour ago. I guess he got a little... Sidetracked.

"Thanks," I said, taking it out of his hand. He nodded eagerly, walking away as the whore ran after him, horny men lusting over her on her way. "Save some for me!" I laughed crudely, forgetting about the hussie rubbing her heated body against mine.

"Oi!" I heard Niall yell, not really bothered.

The next thing I knew a slight pain was building up in my balls.

"Fuck," I yelled.

"Don't mind 'save some for me', you just lost your chance with me!" She yelled, leaving me on my knees in pain.

"I'd-liiike-another-shooot," I slured swaying, on the stool, slightly.

The bartender looked at me, frowning down at me, "what's the magic word?"

"Get- me- a- fucking- drink." Her frown deepened.

"I think you've had enough." She picked up my empty shot glasses and turned to put them away, that's when I got a better view of her. She had a great figure, a glass hour figure I think it was called. Her hips were quite wide, but her waist was small and her stomach was flat. A firm and nicely shaped arse that looked very squeezeable. When she began to make her way back, her boobs became visible. They were definatly... big. But not too big, the perfect size in my opinion. And the little dress she was wearing defined her whole body, outlining her best features.

"My eyes up here." My eyes found their way up to her hazely-green eyes, then down again. Her arms were folded, covering some of her large chest. Then back to her face, taking in he facial features: list facial feautures.

I cleared my though, composing myself. "Hi." I said, making sure it didn't come out slurred.

Her eyes became thin slits, glaring at me, trying to make me feel as uncomfortable as possible. But honestly, it made her look stupid.

"Hi..." Her 'i' dragged on, unsure of my actions.

"So... Rosie..." I trailed squinting at her name tag.

"It's Georgia," she corrected, leaning against the the counter at an awkward angle.

"Georgia Rose?"

"Yes, but my names not Rosie." A hint of aggravation could be heard in her voice.

"But I like Rosie." A small pout grew on my face.

"That's not my name."

It took every essence of willpower in my brain to keep me from sining the song. "Rosie"



She was about to yell again but her boss interupted. "Rosie, get back to work!"

She let out an exsasperated groan. "It's Georgia!" She yelled at him, her face getting...

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