"Midnight Munchies" A Process Analysis Essay Writen For College On How To Make Mac N' Cheese.

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Midnight MunchiesYeah college life! Now that we're in college, our diet is no longer the fruits and vegetables that Mom and Dad made us eat along with a healthy glass of milk; it consists of pizza, soda, and the most popular: Easy Mac. Who doesn't enjoy a nice warm bowl of cheesy, gooey, tender noodles as a nighttime snack? I know I do.Sitting in my room late at night, bored out of my mind but having too much energy to sleep, what do I do? Scrounge up some Easy Mac. Down under the depths of my bed, worried that I might need a flashlight and some dynamite to clear some space, the box finally comes into view. Its distinct colors, blue with bright yellow wording, are calling my name. I snatch the box, peer in, and notice there's only one lonely package remaining. I reach in and sadly grab the lone ranger, and then hurriedly crawl out from underneath my bed.I reach into my closet and grab one of the ceramic bowls brought along on this trek to college, rip open the top of the noodles package and pour them into the bowl. Then I open the Micro Fridge, grab the water filter and unload the water into the bowl. I'm an expert at judging how much to pour by now. I watch the water splash and consume all the noodles, some of them even floating on top.Even though this is all so routine for me, I always look at how much time it should be in the microwave--three and a half minutes. I pop the door open and place the bowl on the glass plate that's too big for the microwave, but it came with it...

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