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You have been hired by a cell tower company to evaluate a plan that will erect cell towers through a local community. Your job is to locate any historic buildings or sites that might be impacted (placed next to, or on, or be damaged in some way) by the cell towers. You discover there are 10 buildings along the route the cell towers will take. How will you go about deciding if these buildings are historic? What criteria will you use? Why?

The question has been raised, if I were hired to evaluate the plans to erect cell phone towers, and I have discovered that there are ten historic buildings in the path of the towers, which structures would I deem significant to keep. Many of these homes and structures could be damaged, overshadowed, and perhaps even destroyed, so great consideration needs to be taken as to the significance of each structures. There are several criteria which can be used to decide if these are historic and significant. The criteria which I would use have been agreed upon by the National Register for Historic Places. They have been listed on their website to help historians, preservationists, and other individuals in their research to be able to add each of these prominent and important structures and properties to the register. I will be using these to determine that historical significance of each of these structures, because they give a prominent and important insight into the importance that some structures have among many old homes and buildings which still stand throughout America today. These criteria help to determine not only if the structure is old, but whether it has historical significance or can be used for historical purposed in the future. Each government agency has a different view on how a property is deemed historic. It was mandated in Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act to determine that each federal agency have their own list of objectives. This is important because while the ten structures may be older structures, there are hundreds of old homes and structures throughout a community, and many individuals will find a reason to save each structure even if it does not hold historical significance. However, using many of the criteria from each federal agency, we can determine which of these structures must be preserved from the work being performed.
One of the first criteria to determine whether the site is historic is the age of the property. The site needs to have many other criteria, but many people have determined that the site needs to be more than fifty years old. This is not the sole requirement for it to be historic because this only means that the site would have been built in the mid-1960s. However this is the beginning, and must follow along with some or all of the following criteria to be determined to be a historic site. However during the later portion of the 1960s and later into the 1970s there were many structures built which could be deemed significant. However, each of the...

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