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Midterm Essay

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As Human beings, we want to feel needed and to be a part of a something. The study of group dynamics is greatly influenced by social psychology. A social psychologist focus on human behavior in a group or individual settings. Group dynamics are strongly influenced by the members in the group. The group must be joined together: for a common goal, and motivated by some personal reason to be part of a group. (Page 7) A structured relationship should be established within a group, because it is important for all members to know their role. Without this structure, the expectations of the group will not be carried out, which will create a role conflict. (Page 15) Role-playing is essential tools used stimulate real life experience (s), as it related to the topic Also, learning how to be a participant and observer within a group allows everyone in the group to voice their opinions, and to receive feedback for the other members. (Page 57) At the end of the group meeting it is important for everyone involve to evaluate how successful or unsuccessful a group was in achieving its goals or objectives. (Page 63)
Throughout our lives, we are involved in different types of groups from childhood to adulthood. In a family environment, must people want to feel the love of one family member? When you enter into a work environment, the employees want to feel as though they belong, and are respected by the co-workers. If the employer feels unwelcomed, this behavior can cause an uncomfortable atmosphere. In a social setting, people want to be accepted by others. In a school setting, where the students are randomly placed into a group, there will be apprehensiveness to work together, because of the personal identity factor. Each member of the group will come from varies backgrounds, which will play an important role, on how the group and group members are perceived. If one member had a bad experience working in a group setting, then the chances are, that negative behavior will spill over in every group that person joins. It is important that the group have open communication, discussing their likes and dislikes. Trust is also important factor within a group, because the group must feel that each member will do their part of the work.
In order for a group to function properly and to have the ability to accomplish its goals, each member must be committed to the group goals, procedures, and members. (Page 30) It is important that all members perform maturely and productively to make the group successful. The only way this is possible is for all members to realize that they are all in it together, for the same common goal “sink or swim. “People join groups in order to achieve goals they are unable to achieve by themselves, if one member decides to work alone; the group is no longer called a group. A group does not exist unless interaction occurs between all members of the group.

2) Communication is an important aspect in the group’s ability to function...

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