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Midterm Agency Analysis Paper

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According to Alice Watson (1984), who wrote about the history of Jamaica Service Program for Older Adults (JSPOA), states that the agency came together from an earlier community effort in the 1970 by agencies, churches and local organizations that observe the needs for more sufficient, low-cost housing for the elderly. The agency formed a partnership that sponsored the construction of Conlon-Lihfe Towers, a 216-unit facility built under private auspices as a complete operation and now supervised by the New York City Housing Authority. Once it became evident that the housing would come into being, there were problems that remained a central concern, such as changing a variety of services to ...view middle of the document...

In 2003-2004, the community’s average annual rate of mental illness hospitalizations (777/100,000) was higher than the Queens rate (636/100,000) and similar to the rate in New York City overall (813/100,000)” (DOHMH, 2014). This is why the JSPOA sponsored three nationally accredited senior centers that focus on assessing the social problem of aging by meeting the needs of older adults who are at least 60 years old and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and who are developmentally disabled, chronically mentally ill and physically frail. The three centers are Friendship Center, Rockaway Boulevard Senior Center and Theodora G. Jackson Adult Center, according to the JSPOA website. The mission statement of the JSPOA is “a total community working together to provide services to, and develop skills in, older adults in order to promote independence and enhance their quality of life” (JSPOA, 2014). Since 1972, the JSPOA served over 5,000 adults directly, by inviting the seniors to the senior centers and reaches another 15,000 people indirectly each year, by helping families of the seniors (JSPOA, 2014).
After the establishment of the centers, its purpose was to provide services that will help enhance the lives of the seniors living in Southeast Queens by addressing the social problem of aging. This is done mainly by looking at age and redefining what it means to get old. The programs at JSPOA look at the negative stereotypes of aging pertaining to mental health and pull out the strengths of the seniors, such as their wisdom and experience. They also achieve this goal through helping the seniors embrace their age and the difficulties that came along with it. All around, the staffs at the JSPOA help the seniors by giving them the knowledge and resources that they can benefit from. For one, all of the centers provide lunch Monday through Friday and offer a wide range of programs such as Healthy Aging classes that focus on diet and exercise so that they can learn the benefits of healthy eating, such as eating fruits and vegetables, which can help lower their blood pressure. They also have outside trips, senior strollers (walking club), and computer training where they are taught to use Microsoft word as well as Excel. By learning these things, it helps them to keep up with today’s technology. In addition, the centers have dance, arts & craft, intergenerational programs, trips, drama, and social events i.e., monthly birthday celebrations and Ms. Friendship Pageant in which there are models, poem reading, a comedian and raffles. The purpose of the pageant is to inspire and promote senior women to employ their full potential and to share an optimistic attitude on life with others. All of these social events that occur at the centers are a great way in which seniors can get together and have a great time (JSPOA, 2014).
Besides this, there are other services at the JSPOA senior centers, which include In-Home Services.
Family caregivers of chronically...

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