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Midterm: Section 1
There are many technological innovations that had happened in the world that had an impact on society. The ancient people had innovated for the sole reason of advancing and making their jobs easier to do. Of course, they spread it to other societies and cultures so that others could have a use for it, and make their jobs easier too. The one technological innovation that stood out to me was the creation of the wheel. The wheel was one of the big advancements that had helped shape the world as it is used in many different parts of areas, to chariots, to agriculture, to arts, and to other such areas. The wheel helps to shape our modern world since it proved ancient people to have a good observation toward making everything better. Other than the wheel, there were other technological innovations that had helped shape society the way it is today. Agricultural tools are another advancement created to make jobs and lives easier. The tools were used for many different purposes as it had helped the farmers and hunter/gatherers to advance and even get more stuff out of it as they wouldn't have with just their bare hands. Many of these advancements had actually helped in the war areas too, as people had the chariots, and innovated weapons to use while out on the battlefield. There are many different types of technological innovations that have happened throughout the course of history, but some of these advancements had more of an effect than any other.
The technological innovations had an advanced impact due to, what I feel, is the wheel. The wheel was invented to help ease out those jobs that consisted of hard working labor. The wheel had made many different things easier to use, as for an example, the potter's wheel, in which was used for pottery making. The potter's wheel had encouraged faster and higher quality ceramic pottery products, as it was an easy tool to use, and made the pottery products turn out much better than as if it was done solely by hand. The wheel also helped make advancements such as the hydraulic machinery. With this creation, it made collecting water faster and much more effective as people were able to carry around more than one bucket of water. Another example that the wheel had helped with technological innovations was that it was also a help for the invention of the chariots. The chariots were very useful in war, as it consisted of horses to pull the chariot and 2 people in it, the driver and the shooter. This innovation helped mobility and movement to get from one place to another. The wheel was probably one of the most important pieces of technology that influenced a more easier life for agriculture.
As for agriculture, it helped with the process of making the tools, or even the process of hunting/ gathering. I believe that even though the wheel was one of the most important innovations that helped to advance humanity, agricultural tool developments was also another important technological innovation. As...

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