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Kimberly Cicero
Professor Brodzki
Transitioning to University Life- Midterm Paper
17 October 2017
High School Sophomore: The Years That Await You
Dear High School Sophomore,
There are a lot of changes that are going to happen within the next couple school years.
I have been where you are, studying for the ACT and SAT, starting to look at what colleges you
want to go to, getting your grades up and much more. You are going to be faced with some very
difficult decisions, and I am here to try and help. In preparation to applying to colleges, the ACT
and SAT are very important. These tests will help you get into a college, though this is not the
only factor, but study for them hard. A tip I can give you is, take a class for the ACT or SAT
(whichever you decide to take). For me, I took a class for the ACT. This class better prepared me
for the types of questions that were asked on the ACT. When you finally feel like you have
studied enough, pick a date. Do not stress yourself too hard but do prepare the night before. Pack
a calculator, #2 pencils, eat a good breakfast and you should be good to go. When the test day is
finally there do the best you can.
After a couple of weeks, you should receive your test score. From this you can only move
forward. Start looking at colleges that you want to attend, and apply. I remember the day when
my guidance counselor, in high school, called me into her office. She asked me what colleges I
wanted to apply to and I told her I only wanted to apply to one, FDU in Teaneck. She encouraged
me to apply to a couple more, which I did. I know a lot of emotions are going through your head,
knowing only one college will be the right one for you. I assure you that once you visit many
colleges and view the campuses, the right one will stand out for you.
Within your Junior and Senior year, do not let your grades fall. Try to keep them up or at
least keep them steady. For Junior and Senior year try to pick classes that you would want to
possibly major in, in college. For me, I decided to take an accounting class my senior year. Little
did I know that that one class would be the major that I wanted to study. I enjoyed the class and
everything in it, and that is the way you should feel. High school is just a glimpse of what
college is really like; enjoy it while you can.
In college you will be on your own. This is the most challenging part of transitioning
from high school to college. You will be treated like an adult. There will be nobody telling you
what to do and there will be nobody making any decisions for you. Start thinking on your own
and learn to be independent. This will benefit you in the long run. Once you get to college you
will be faced with many obstacles and challenges both inside and outside of school. My
transition to college was easy but challenging. I learned that the professors are not going to go
easy on you and there is a lot that is expected from the student. You need to
learn now to study hard and never give...

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