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Learning in academic terms is to me the tool to acquire knowledge and the only way to develop the needed skills to solve problems. But in real life, learning is for me a force that takes persons where they want to be, is the way information is held to be used and could be acquired, in Rogers´ words: “I am talking about LEARNING - the insatiable curiosity that drives the adolescent boy to absorb everything he can see or hear or read about gasoline engines in order to improve the efficiency and speed of his ‘cruiser’.(Smith, 2013)”. In my personal life learning is the tool to improve my life style, my life quality and my family’s well-being but learning gives me the opportunity of strengthen ...view middle of the document...

During the reflections on my practice and on my learning style, I discovered that my intrinsic motivations are determined on the great satisfaction produced by the sensation of “I am able” or “I can”. I have found myself learning to do things that maybe are useless to my daily life, but that brings me the simple pleasure of doing them. I believe people should do the activities that take them to develop their personal and social skills, and find the pleasure of living and experience.
Some other relevant aspects to be mentioned on my learner’s profile are planning and timing. Nowadays women have to live different roles and I am a perfect example of this, I have to accomplish a lot of tasks as teacher, mother, learner, leader and many more, that’s why I consider myself as a “multitask” woman. According to this I have found the importance on planning. There are thousands of strategies to explore for organizing time and tasks. Organizing time means stress and anxiety reduction that’s why planning becomes an essential tool for a teacher-learner. The main strategies that I use are: important vs urgent which helps to classify tasks according to the due dates and importance, mapping or dating that allows to count the activities to do and help to find a route to accomplish them successfully, when you have a clear and organized schedule is easier to take incidentals with calm and avoid frustration. The wrong issue is that I do not use to schedule free-time, it means that at this particular moment time for relaxing or to do activities “just for fun” are not scheduled because I have many activities to fulfil. This is an item to improve for my well-being that will be reflected on positive and peaceful attitudes.
We are owners of our practices, and we need to adjust day by day the different factors that may affect them, looking for strategies and methods to improve our life style, our teaching development and our learning habits. This an enormous challenge, especially when you have to evaluate yourself and say truths to you because is more difficult to examine ourselves with and objective and pretend to make real changes to our lives.

On our daily activities on teaching classrooms is usual to “pray” to our students to start, to complete and to finish the proposed activities. I work in a primary school and some children are dependent on teachers to finish the activities. Reflecting on my own strategies during this master course I could understand that teaching and raising need to put in practice the conception of self directed learning. “Self-directed learning activities are activities that are wholly or partly under the control of the learner. These consist of all the learning enhancing and learning impeding activities that students might engage in when involved in a learning event. Learning events, at the elementary level, include attending to a teacher presentation, taking part in a discussion, doing homework and in class assignments, reading,...

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