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A migrant can be defined as any person who lives temporarily or permanently in a country where he or she was not born, and has acquired some significant social ties to this country.The migration act 1958 governs the entry of migration in Australia of the various visa holders, refugees and asylum seekers. The aim of this legislation is to eliminate any inequalities within the culture, or racial religious or linguistic differences. The object of this act is to regulate the non citizens coming into of Australia, to provide for visas permitting non-citizens to enter or remaining Australia and the parliament, requires person whether citizens or non citizens entering Australia to identify themeless so that the governments know who they are and provides for there removal or deportation from Australia of non-citizens whose presence in Australia is not permitted by the act.The immigration program is aimed for those who would wish to settle in Australia, the visas that are issued are divided into four main categories. These being:RefugeesSpecial humanitarian programsDisplaced personsSpecial assistance categoriesPermanent settlers are derived from each of these categories. The Refugees provide the bulk of our permanent settlers.Refugee-Refugees are defined ad “person who are outside their country of nationality or usual residence, and who are unable or unwilling to return because of a well founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.When refugees make applicants for VISA’s, they are exempt from all criteria applied to migrants and will be allowed to permanently resettle in Australia.Special humanitarian program-The special humanitarian program is for people facing substantial discrimination amounting to gross violation of human rights. Eligibly people included in this are those in mixed marriages, torture and trauma victims, former detains and exiles and form the Middle East AfricaSpecial assistance categories-These people are not classed as refugees or special humanitarian program. Although they still need protection, due to discrimination, displacement or hardship, the special assistance program, tends to be associated with minority groups of former USSR, Burma, Thailand Cambodia and VietnamDisplaced persons-Displaced persons (other wise known as unauthorised arrivals) are where people arrive by boat or plane, do not have a VISA or a valid one, they can seek humanitarian assistance because they had to move away From home due to war or natural disasters. Displaced people are not classed as refugees and they have to gain a protective Visa. The Australian migration act requires them to be placed in detention. If no applicants for protection VISA are made, the act requires them to be removed from Australia ASAP! A change to the act occurred in October 1999 – only a temporary VISA will be issued that is valid for three years. This allows them access to...

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