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What Are The Negative And Positive Influences Of Migration On Berlin?

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These days,many people migrate to different places around the world.This have many reasons such as educational and economical,religious and political problems.Also immigration has impact on cities life,economy and some others.Berlin was and is one of the biggest city of immigrants. Approximately 470,000 people of non-German nationality from around 190 countries live in the 12 districts of Berlin. They account for approximately 13% of the total population. The four largest migrant communities are as follows: around 200,000 people with a Turkish migration background, approximately 100,000 people who are part of “Russian Berlin“ (this figure includes immigrants from the successor states to the Soviet Union, including Jewish quota refugees or ethnic Germans), approximately 60,000 people from the former Yugoslavia and its successor states and just under 45,000 people of Polish nationality( are the negative and positive influence of migration on Berlin?

Firstly,Berlin is one of the dynamic economic regions in Europe. In 2009, the nominal GDP of the citystate Berlin experienced a growth rate of 1.7% (−3.5% in Germany) and totaled €90.1 (~$117) billion. Berlin's economy is dominated by the service sector, with around 80% of all companies doing business in services ( remove to this city in order to improve own life.Some of them want to open new factory or company as far as momentous market for the Automatic Industry and producing medical engineering.Over 1385 companies have located to Berlin or invested here between 2001 and 2012 .In 2012, 162 companies established new locations in Berlin or expanded their Berlin-based location.( Official statistics show over 14,400 new start-ups by foreigners for 2010. This means that people without a German passport make up a good third of all people setting up businesses in Berlin(Harald).
Every businessman in Germany pay trade tax. It is the most important source of income used by local authorities to fund their public services. Individuals and partnerships are entitled to a tax-free allowance of € 24,500 per annum. Corporations may not set off the tax, and have no taxfree(;jsessionid=EC68772893BC3A01E6F331DBA6DF972B.repl1)
Nevertheless,factory will produce any gases which harmful for people...

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