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Miguel AngelI recognize that picture taken some years ago. 1The day my son was bornIt happen right before dawnA soft cry announced that my life has changedWith my eyes I looked and stroked his face 5I kissed his pink cheeks, forehead, tiny palms and hands, tiny toesSo beautiful, so indescribable,My beautiful boyHis black hair, his smooth skin, his baby smell, his soft cry…Is the Angel of my dreams, Miguel Angel 10The feelings of love washed over me and took away all the pain.I cried from joy and sheer exhaustion.I rocked you back and forth happy to have you in my arms.I didn't know what "complete" meant, until you arrived.I didn't know how much love I had inside me to give 15I finally understood, that everything that I have lived forKnown and imagined was less meaningful.My world as I know it began to transform and changeI became a mom, a guardian, a protector,A new mother with new feelings of love 20I stopped being Mirna, the daughter, the sister, the friend, the wife, and the teacher…And I became MOMMiguel Angels' Critical AnalysisThe speaker of the poem "Miguel Angel" by Mirna C. Romero is an autobiography of when she became a mother for the first time and how it impacted her life. The feelings and new changes that meant becoming a mother for the first time were overwhelming. She starts by describing how her son looked and feel when she first set eyes on him. "With my eyes I looked and stroked his face. I kissed his pink cheeks, forehead, tiny palms and hands, and tiny toes. So beautiful," (Ln. 5-7) "His black hair, his skin, his smell, his soft cry…" (Ln. 9) How she felt when she finally meet him. "The feelings of love washed over me and took away all the pain. I cried from joy and sheer exhaustion. I rocked you back and forth happy to have you in my arms." (Ln. 11-13) "I didn't know how much love I had inside me to give" (Ln. 15) And, how everything begin to change as soon as she became a mother, "I didn't know what "complete" meant, until you arrived." (Ln.14) "My world as I know it began to transform and changed. I became a mom, a guardian, a protector," (Ln. 18-19) "I stopped being Mirna, the daughter, the sister, the friend, the wife, and the teacher… And I became MOM" (Ln. 21-22)It is a narrative poem...

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