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Mika Brzezinski, a popular co-host and TV- journalist, her programs on the television and their reaction from the viewers on the internet and social networking sites has gained huge attention and became one of the popular talked topics in people’s choice.
A Bestselling author and co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” is a remarkably confident lady and TV-journalist Mika Brzezinski whose on-air protest between entertainment news & “hard news” received a large number of supports and fans’ responses on 26 June 2007 in which she had refused to read the news about a release of Paris Hilton from Jail rather she considered more important Senator Richard Lugar with President Bush on the war of Iraq breaking news. She stands on these issues rippled over the internet quickly and similar incidents continue on-air on July 7, 2010 on a report about Levi Johnston and Lindsay Lohan over hard news stories with the title “News you ...view middle of the document...

Her genre of writings goes on with yet another recent book for women “ knowing your value” which meticulously described women’s role on workplace with salary negotiation and compensation package tips that all women worth getting on their workplace. This actually topped the “New York Times” bestselling list in the year 2011 spring season for business books.
“Getting what you want” is another popular monthly column on cosmopolitan about confidence and empowerment in career for women and may equally apply to men as well.
New York born Native American Mika Brzezinski is the daughter of former NS advisor to President Jimmy carter and FP expert and professor Zbigniew Brzezinski. She graduated from Williams College majoring in English in 1989 at William town, Massachusetts. She now lives in New York with her husband, James Patrick Hoffer, a TV news reporter of WABC-TV now, and has two children. She is now 46 years old and she married in Oct 23, 1993 while she and her husband both were working for WTIC- television, and two decades of their successful marriage doesn’t seem to have any issue of divorce so far.
No doubt, she is one of the hot babes TV anchors and no surprise she made on the maxim hottest TV news anchor babes list. Height of 1.65m tall, brown and blue colored eye having body measurements of 34-26-34 inches, definitely a good shaped body she possesses. Her legs and feet are sexy and attractive and is such a hot blonde makes her lots of fans follow her on twitter. Her popularity goes hand in hand with her television program on the internet and on the other social networking sites.
The television news journalist & an author of several books has an excellent career contribution to social and media journals and definitely has earned such a huge applause of name and fame and net worth salary on hand. Her net worth salary is $8 million.
Her show still goes on and her popularity and taste of people on her show “Morning Joe” can be read and view on video from the follow website:
If you want to follow her on twitter, she is available on it here at: https://twitter.com/morningmika‎

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