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Executive SummaryThe purpose of this report is to outline the specific segmenting dimensions that Mike Ball Diving Expeditions use to segment their market. By defining the holiday adventure market as their main generic market we have identified how MBDE caters for the consumers needs with a professional luxury holiday.Through analysis of the various segmenting dimensions and psychographic details we have found the consumer to be a professional person, of varying nationality, who high income lets them enjoy a luxury life filled with added extras. We have shown in the following report how MBDE has provided those added extras to win over a lucrative market.As MBDE holds a strong position in the international dive industry we have found that repositioning and expansion are not essential, though recommendations have been made.The most important recommendations for MBDE have been based around the expansion into a more modest market and the creation of a new company which would include new targets: for example the high income families wanting to bring their children on an expedition. Further recommendations have focused on maintaining customer loyalty and protecting their elitist status.Table of ContentsExecutive Summary........................................................i1. Introduction...........................................................12. Generic and product markets....................................23. Segmenting dimensions of the dive market...................33. Psychographic and Geographicsegmenting dimensions............................................44. Market Opportunities and Repositioning......................65. Recommendations and Conclusions............................76. References..............................................................81. IntroductionMike Ball Diving Expeditions (MBDE) was founded over 30 years ago by Mike Ball who still plays a large part in the company. MBDE has since become a leader in the diving industry by targeting the adventurous diver who is experienced in diving, knowledgeable about the best dive spots and requires a high level of service and comfort. MBDE operate 3 live aboard vessels: Super Sport, SpoilSport and Paradise Sport.The Cairns based Super Sport which is targeted at divers looking for a shorter 3-4 day trip began is 1986 and offers 3 Star accommodations for 26 guests.Based in Townsville, Spoil Sport is a 4 star vessel, launched in 1989 and internationally known as the worlds best live aboard vessel.The 5 star Paradise Sport was the first in MBDEs expansion into Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 1997. This vessel which accommodates 22 guests is targeted at the more dedicated diving enthusiast looking for 7-10 day trips with unlimited dives.MBDE prides itself on providing the world's best trained diving instructors. It also provides many new innovations such as "safe solo" dives. Which are available to experienced divers who prefer to dive solo.The high level of customer service along with...

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