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Mildred Bond And The Great Migration

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To future generations,

Since founded in 1829, Decatur Illinois has been a medium sized, working-middle class town that has dwelled on the values of family and hard work. “Back when I moved here, Decatur was very affluent, and was a great place to raise a family,” My great-grandmother Mildred explained. Grandma Mildred was born as Mildred Ligon in Brownsville, Tennessee on October 5th, 1936. It wasn’t until November 10th, 1955 that 19-year-old high school graduate, Mildred and her husband, Albert-Lee, would travel north to Decatur in search of better job opportunities, and to start a new generation of love.
Just days before moving to Decatur, the couple had gotten marriage licenses and ...view middle of the document...

At Wagner’s Casting Company, Albert-Lee eventually made outstanding wages, thus allowing him to take care of himself and his wife. Mildred wanted to get a job of her own so that she would be able to help out. She had even got the opportunity to apply for a job as a secretary. Unfortunately, she was unable to benefit the company because she had never learned to type. Yet, the general manager was willing to cut her a break.
In order to be given the job, Mildred would have had to take up a part time typing class, and she would work as the head secretary for the other half of the day. Albert-Lee was not having that; he did not allow her to get the job because of the schooling that was required. “He told me that he didn’t want a career woman or a school girl, he wanted a wife.” It wasn’t unusual for women to be considered as house wives back then. This was not the first incident that Albert-Lee had chased away a golden opportunity. “When momma was younger, her uncle owned a hospital and wanted to send her to nursing school so that she could take over the hospital, but grand-daddy said no.” (Katerra Bond) With basically no freedom to do what she wanted, in 1956 Mildred gave birth to her first son, Terry. To her surprise, her second son, Albert-Earl would be born four years later in 1960, contributing to the baby-boomer population.
By the time the two boys were of school age, Mildred had finally found a job opportunity that would allow her to bring in a little extra cash, assisting the development of her young boys. She had gotten a job starting off as a factory line worker at the General Electric Company, and would then later be promoted to being a tester of kitchen and heating appliances. One would think that while living in a sexist environment and limited...

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