Mildred Pierce A Woman’s Place Is In The Kitchen

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Mildred Pierce - A Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen

A woman’s Place is in the Kitchen. Mildred Pierce uses her talents as a cook to manipulate her way through the world. Mildred has her own style of characteristics. She is fast, active, swift and inescapable around the kitchen. She turns out to be wise and brilliant around many things. For example: running her business. Unfortunately, one thing she never did was use her gut to comprehend Veda. She did everything to please her but Veda was never satisfied. In the following paragraphs we will get to know our friend Mildred, her intentions, thoughts and how she handled her way through the world.

Mildred has a cooking talent. She is a small woman with gorgeous, attractive legs. She used those attributes to survive a divorce and poverty and to claw her way out of the lower middle class (Cain, back of book). As she divorces Burt, husband, she begins an independent life working as a waitress. As Mildred becomes more and more successful around the restaurant she develops self-confidence and security. Mildred never cooked anything herself now or put on a uniform. (Cain 208)

Mildred is always around the kitchen. This seems to be her devotion to life, her enjoyment, and her profession. It is how she gets around and pays the bills. Ahead we’ll see how her hardworking attitude brought her out of poverty and into a high-class businesswoman. In the beginning of the story we are described how she has been earning extra money from baking and designing superb and stunning cakes. Next, she brings out her talent by cooking dinner for Wally, as she tried to impress Wally to marry her so she’ll be able to survive out of her tragic days. She really was a marvelous cook, and he watched delightedly while she popped the chicken into the oven, scraped four potatoes, shelled a little dish of peas (Cain, 33). What really impresses me about Mildred is that she makes the best of what she has. For example: Not having enough components for a good hard meal, still she does a splendid job cooking a fancy dinner. After Mildred realizes that Wally is not the man for her, she starts looking for a job of her own. As she finds a suitable job as a waitress, she becomes a superb worker and loved by everyone. After a short while, she becomes the best waitress around. She was collecting the most tips and making more money than she had expected. Now, like never before, things were getting better. She and her friend Ida had persuaded Mr. Chris for a pie deal. Mr. Chris was persuaded and made a new contract with Mildred. Smart as she is, Mildred has again succeeded with her plan. By this time, customers had tried her pies and loved it greatly. Unquestionably she was becoming more important in her own eyes. Talking to Mrs. Gessler, she spoke of “my pies,” “my customers,” “my marketing” (Cain, 81). Few months before, she barely had pennies to buy bread. Now she was making eight dollars a week from her Tip-Top pay, about fifteen...

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