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Do you know that societies are like a domino effect, when one thing goes wrong then the whole things is messed up. this story will be about why great civilizations fall. They fall only because of three reason they fall because the leader is corrupt, too many wars and if you are putting other people on top of each other. Like sorting classes. Great society fall because of three reasons, Corrupt leaders, too many wars, and the citizens have more power than others.

A reason why great society's fall is because they have a corrupt leader. Now many things can fall under this category. They can make unfair laws or they can just make other people do the work and have him slack off. Here are ...view middle of the document...

When he was in power he lead to many wars to expand rome. So when he did that he was getting stronger and making more people a part of his kingdom but at the same time he was losing money because he needed to buy the resources for war like weapons and armor so that is what made his kingdom fall.
Another reason that I know that too many wars can lead to the destruction is because of When Sparta and Athens went to war. They did not like each other so they were at war a lot so when they went to these wars it cost money for weapon and armor so that kinda made them go down with money. Last the had their very last war when One side was defeated and kida fall. Now they had no money to fall back on so that lead the the detection of the place. Those are three reason why an empire can fail due to the coast of war.

The last reason why societies can fall is because too much power to different social classes. This can lead to an uprising which can kill the leader. And no leader no kingdom.I know this can happen in life because in rome they had this problem at one point. It was the plebeians and the patriots. A certain type of people was not getting taxed as bad as the others and the other class was not happy with this so they decide to form a rebellion against it now i having these rights unfair the whole time cause they really weren't that fair but later on when they felt the king was doing bad the senators killed him so they had an uprising against him.Another reason that this was not fair is because here in the usa. The thing was it was not with rich and poor it was against the white and the blacks and this affected the people because it changed the way people look at leaders because they were just sitting back and doing nothing when a good leader would say stop and...

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