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Military Essay

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According to the DOD, (2011) the department of defense doesn’t allow any third party anything in association with the military or any of it’s governmental functioning counter parts ala... national guards, reserves, commission corpse, naval reserves , marines reserves etc… DODD rule 8750 insures that all military servicemen must be certified in their prospective fields and be proficient in their MOS field after boot camp and AIT. (DoDD, 2011)
To become a soldier one must first visit a local recruiting office; there a person may engage in talks with a recruiter, the recruiter’s main job is to help assess the civilian enquires about their military desires, the recruiter must talk to a recruit and his legal guardian or parents as no one under 18 can’t make decisions for themselves without their parents/ guardians permission. The recruiter then will start the process, one of the recruiter’s first assignments is to get the civilian ASVAB scores from their local high school or if the recruit is from out of town they can be retested on the ASVAB.
The ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test and it accesses a recruit’s probability for enlistment, military job placement and career exploration after the military. ASVAB scoring is based on (IRT) Item Response Theory, this model is used because it measures the examinee’s ability to be placed on the same scale as everyone else and each test is tailored to a specific ability level needed when the examinee picks their military job.
The IRT model uses the (3pl) in which measures a examinee’s level of ability to respond to a individual item or characteristics, especially those characteristics that represents difficulty, discrimination (How an item discriminates among examinees, and guessing (the ability that a low ability examinee could get a high score just by guessing). (ASVAB, 2011)

ASVAB, Continued
After the ASVAB scores are computed and the standard score is converted to the ASVAB score scale using the paper and pencil based testing is called equating. Equating insures that all scores have the same meaning regardless of which test the examinee takes. All ASVAB standard scores have a fixed means and standard deviation point; a standard score will indicate the standard deviation as well as the original score whether the score is above or lower the mean scores. The examinee will receive another score as well called the (AFQT) which stands for the Armed Forces Qualification Test. The recruits AFQT scores are based on Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC), and Word Knowledge (WK). AFQT scores are reported on the percentage percentile and that’s (1-99) if a recruit is 18 and takes the test and scores in the 90% that means he/she scored just as well as 90% of all 18 years olds in the nation.
After a recruit is given their scores they have a chance to pick their military job or MOS, MOS stands for Military Occupational Specialty this...

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