Military Children Born Into Diverse Opportunity

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Many children are born into families that are a part of a branch of the military. Parents may wonder if the constant moving and deployment will bring negative effects on a child’s development. The rigorous lifestyle of the military can have negative effects on the children’s development growing up, but the opportunity of living as a military child is a culturally diverse, socially strong, and mature development of characteristics. The military life offers many benefits for raising a child. Have a family in the military lifestyle can greatly help the children’s development of positives characteristics.
From the parent’s perspective it may be easier to move constantly compared to a child’s but, the benefits can make for memorable experiences for a child’s childhood. The constant moving and stationing of families in new area of the world can help promote diversity in children. Having the ability to live in new states or even countries brings about more diverse amount of cultural differences that can help children appreciate diversity in the world. The children can experience some difficulties when they first start moving to new areas. Some people think instead of promoting diversity in children the military become unsocial instead of experiencing different cultures. According Kelly, “military children who move more frequently experience a greater difficulty making new friends, have more difficulty in school and more emotional and behavior problems.” (Kelly) Kelly argues that for the children in the military they have harder experience adjusting to the new location making it hard for them to experience the diverse culture in school. With emotional and behavior problems included the children could never truly have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of a new culture or environment. The children however, will be put in a culture that is acceptable to military children. These places such as school would have a heavy influence of military children as usually they are located close to the military base. This allows for the children to easily make friends with similar military children or allow them to blend naturally in with the students making it easy to experience new cultures. The first couple months of moving to a new location may be difficult but, overall the children will be in a healthy enriched environment to experience diversity.
Moving to a new location whether it be a new state or country, like Japan, opens the opportunity to experience different cultures. While some cases military children may find it difficult to adjust to new cultures and environments, usually the military already has a heavy influence to accommodate these children. The military promotes diversity by allowing military children to live near other military children. This helps build diversity by sharing experiences with each other in the past and creating new ones in their new location. By achieving this children are able to fully embrace different cultures new country or...

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