Military Discrimination Against Homosexuals Essay

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Homosexuals, bisexuals and lesbians were a condemned lot not allowed to serve in the United States military service including the Navy forces. Service men and women in the military were judged not only with reference to their behavioral conduct but also from their sexual orientation results. The Department of Defense (DOD) would ask questions concerning sexual orientation of prospects willing to join the military service. A sexual orientation related to sexual attraction to people of a particular gender. Even members of the military service were not allowed to make any statement that meant they (he or she) were homosexuals. Language was highly targeted since the passing of the act of language in the National Defense Authorization. This act was aimed not to allow anybody from the military to make any statements that notified the public that he or she was involved in any form of gay behavior. These statements would end up making the military service look morally degraded and as a bad group in the United States.
The Department of Defense would dismiss anybody who made such statements to the public or any person who said something that had similar meaning. In the United States some people viewed homosexuality as a bad practice that tarnished the name of the military service and they did not expect this behavior from the military service. However, some people were not against the idea. Some American citizens also did not understand clearly what the term sexual orientation meant. Even some members of the Department o Defense did not have a clear distinction of what sexual orientation really meant, and whether language was questionable when it came to dismissing any homosexual from the military service. However, homosexuality was not acceptable in the military service (Burrelli F., 2010).
In the year 1992 presidential campaigns, presidential candidate Bill Clinton made a comment that suggested that he would remove the law suggesting that homosexuals should not serve the military service for what they were (The Washington Times, LLC, 2011). Before this, any form of lesbianism; bisexual behavior, gay and homosexuality in general were not tolerated in the military. In the year 1993, President Bill Clinton passed an interim compromise that gave the Department of Defense an opportunity to review the issue of sexual orientation in the military. The Department of Defense was reviewing the ban and come up with analysis that would end and prevent discrimination of prospective members of the military by looking at or/and asking them questions on sexual orientation. In the year 1993 after the review was made, the staff gave in to the suggestion made on ending discrimination with regard to sexual orientation. The Chief of staff agreed with Bill Clinton to remove any question concerning sexual orientation that was included in the application list that recruited military servants. This issue was very serious and required a lot of attention such that in the same...

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