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Military Education Essay

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Military Education

The term education can be interpreted in more ways than one. Some would say education involves sitting through lectures and learning grammar and arithmetic. Defining education is very difficult and everyone has a different opinion, however the criterion, training in a specific skill, knowledge, and thinking for yourself accurately describes education. Because military training satisfies the criterion it can be classified as a valid form of education.

Training in specific skills is quite possibly the main focus of the military today. Much like a college student studying to become an expert in his/her field, such as architecture or history, a member of the military trains in a specialty as well. Many jobs exist in the military, a great number of them being parallel to the civilian world. For instance, a military judge seeks to promote order and truth just like a civilian judge would in a criminal case. Air traffic controllers at airports direct commercial air traffic exactly like military air traffic controllers would at a military base. All of these people train in these skills in order to do their job properly. Most of the time, as in civilian life, these individuals are trained in nothing else so all their efforts can be concentrated. One of the most predominant skills taught in the military is leadership/decision making. No matter what rank a person in the military is he or she will soon have to take charge of others in the chain. If the person is an officer they will have enormous responsibilities, mainly being responsible for the lives of their men and the equipment they have control over. The ability to take charge of any situation is something instilled in every soldier from day one. Soldiers are taught to endure many hardships such as fatigue, stress, and physical discomfort and continue until the mission is accomplished. These traits when carried over into civilian life greatly increase the chances of success. Inc. magazine recently published a cover story entitled “Corps Values” in which the United States Marine Corps was called the “Best management-training program in America.”(Freedman 56) In this article James Warren, founder of the Warren Financial Group, was quoted as saying, “The Marine Corps allowed us to make sure we could understand the worst-and best-case scenarios, take care of everyone else first, and accomplish the mission with minimum casualties.”(Freedman 60) Inc. stated that “even companies that consider themselves committed to decentralization rarely make the hiring and training of managers as high a priority as the marines do.”(Freedman 59) In terms of training in a specific skill, military training definitely qualifies.

From the beginning of basic training soldiers are given knowledge in many areas. Knowledge is defined as the ability to recall specific methods and processes, as well as pattern and structure previously taught. Knowledge is a vast topic and it is...

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