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Military Evolving Due To Changes In The Country

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Military personnel fight very hard for the rights of this country; their lives being the ultimate sacrifice, regardless of their sex. If the sex of the person does not affect whether they can join, why should their sexual orientation affect whether they can give sacrifice themselves for their country? A person’s sexual orientation did not stop the government from dismissing them from the military. The military’s history with homosexuals and bisexuals has changed drastically over the years, and the slogan “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” became a major part in the changes. The policy in the military changed to allow homosexuals and bisexuals to join to reflect changing attitudes in the country.
The government had many issues on what to do about allowing gay, lesbian, or bisexual people into the military and what precautions should be made. In 1992, President Clinton passed a law that let gay, lesbian or transgender Americans to enlist in the military. Allowing them into the military caused the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law. That law states, “ DOD (Department of Defense) would not ask question concerning the sexual orientation of prospective members of the military, and individuals would be required to keep same-sex orientation to themselves, or, if they did not, they would be discharged if already in the service or denied enlistment/appointment if seeking to join the service” (Burrelli 289). Clinton may have allowed homosexuals and bisexuals to join the military but it was under the rules of them not letting anyone know about their sexual orientation. No one was to question their sexual orientation and they were not to say what their sexual orientation was. He tried making every one in the country happy by making that law with limitation to homosexuals and bisexuals. Bacevich says, “It is far easier to continue to compromise and accommodate, asserting the fiction of ‘a distinctive way of life’ and a warrior ethic’ while doing little of the substantive nature to preserve either,” (47). That is exactly what Clinton did when he created the DADT law. He compromised and accommodated with what the heterosexual people of the country thought was the right way to run the military. He may have let the homosexuals and bisexuals into the military but only if they were to pretend they lived the heterosexual lifestyle.
The government had homosexuals and bisexuals hide their sexual orientation because the military does by the mean of their ethos, “stresses discipline, morale, good order, and unit cohesion,” (Owens 1) but that does not help them work together as a team. Owens believed that homosexuals and bisexuals should not be allowed in the military because of the time he grew up in. He was a U.S. Marine veteran of the Vietnam War. He argues that “Allowing gays to serve openly in the military would undermine unit cohesion and morale,” (1). A big reason to why Owens is against them being in the military is he was a part of the time that this country had few to no...

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