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Military Police Essay

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Organizational Behavior is a field of study that interprets people-organization relationships that have an impact on individual and the groups of people in the organization and shows how organizations manage their environment.
Problems .
1. Within his six month charge period he saw high level of violence among the soldiers. which he never seen before as a result of this its create huge number of arrests by the military police.
2. The high percentage of female service member has lots of complaints about their treatment and harassment.
3. There is a “seedy” area near the headquarters where troops used to take alcohol at their time off and drugs are off limits.
4. The general quit sure that there is drug selling underway ,as well as drinking, violence and prostitution in these local towns. He says the local police about the situation but still there is no improvement.
5. General believes that there was an enlisted man hacked into the commands email system and posted so many inappropriate emails and other spam content, several were sexual in nature.
6. General has pressure from upper level that the situation must be quashed immediately.
7. Salary freeze from Washington that is why there have been few promotions in the command.
8. The general has wanted various funds for military initiatives but has been turned down.
9. More troops than usual are in the hospital so the doctors in the command have run over the budget.
10. General feels that the senior officers are not as experienced in the military discipline as those serving in other commands.
11.Various pieces of military equipment were in a poor state repair,
12.Troops are not completing routine task such as training and there is a pilfering of supplies.

1. If any person arrest by the military police they should explain the matters after the event with proper evidence of support his/her claim to their upper officer.
2. Once a complaint has been reported from any female service, the authorized person should ask the victim who makes the complaint in an assertive form underlying the complaint. It will be helpful for the authority to provide a written harassment complaint to their upper authority....

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