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Military: Power; Or Sideshow Essay

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Imagine a barren wasteland in which people must fight and kill each other for the simple luxury of a drink of water. Picture a desert-like area, with no living vegetation or mammals, in which homes are destroyed and reflect the conditions of a third-world country. This, image that your mind has been processing, would be the result of a surprise attack against our country from a terrorist organization or possibly another country itself. The government has been shut down, and the surviving Americans must survive day to day, regretting the choices they had made before the world as they knew it, ended. In order to prevent a land like this, or any type of attack or threat, the American government ...view middle of the document...

It is to protect the majority, and the walls that hold them. Without these defensive precautions, an attack on our country, externally, or even internally, would tear apart the whole infrastructure of the country and would crumble before its enemies.
A wise man once said “As long as there is man… there is war…” I believe this statement further fortifies the positive effects of having our own military power that can be used at any time to isolate a possible threat. There are always people, in this case, nations, that want more; more land, more resources, and possibly slaves. It would be irresponsible of a nation to not have an entire army at moment’s notice if there is a chance they would be overcome for our land. In order to have the land for the resources, the primary inhabitants must be eliminated. That means Every person in the United States would be killed, because our military was not allowed to engage the treat before it came. As long as there are people on the planet Earth, there will be people who feel like they deserve more, and will do whatever it takes to obtain it, even if millions are harmed or killed. Hitler is a prime example; one man who felt like he deserved more, and killed millions while military forces stood behind, scared and unable to eliminate the threat. Though the example is an extreme one, it has been done tragically before, and any other nation cannot afford to have the same happen to themselves.
Though some claim that having the military is good, but it only should be used to intimidate its enemies and should be put to use only if direly needed in the moment. This statement is of course legitimate and very justifiable: Do you want to live in a nations that goes guns ablaze as soon as another country sneezes? In the case of this, I feel that the deaths in action would be drastically...

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