Military Rape Victims Re Victimized Essay

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Military rape victims are re-victimized by the military. Often military members are ostracized, punished by the chain-of-command of command, and eventually forced out of the military because they reporting being raped. My former shipmate Petty Officer Second Class (PO2) Rebecca Blumer chose to report her rape and suffered the consequences.
After reporting a rape, female service members are often ostracized by the individuals in their chain of command. This happened to Petty Officer (PO) Blumer even before her attack became public knowledge. She was drugged and raped after going out for drinks in 2010 (Erdely). PO Blumer was pulled over for driving without lights on and arrested for driving under the influence. After the master-at-arms picked her up at the jail, despite the fact that she told him that she needed to go to the hospital, he took her to the Judge Advocate General's offices (Erdely). Her Chain-of-command was waiting to punish her for a DUI (Erdely). She wrote her statement on what she thought had happened and how she needed urgent medical care (Erdely). She was told that she would be taken to the hospital, but only for a toxicology report, to see if there actually were date-rape drugs in her system (Erdely). "Whether you get a rape kit is up to you," the JAG told Blumer (Erdely). She was shaken by the Jag’s question later on: "Did you inflict your injuries yourself” (Erdely). The word around the command was that she had made up a rape to get out of a DUI. “"Literally, the day she went back to work, we heard about it here," says former Petty Officer 3rd Class Jennifer Kinnaird – Estrada, a linguist stationed at Blumer's previous command in San Antonio. "They were like, 'She's such a ho here, was she like that there?' Even the linguists in Maryland were calling us" – although Blumer had never been stationed there. "We were defending her here, but in Georgia they were all pointing fingers at her."(Erdely).”She recalls walking into a room once and hearing someone blurt, "Hey, there's that girl who made up that rape!" (Erdely). That wasn't the end for her though.
To add insult to injury, the victim can be punished on a command level usually on trumped up charges. They generally lose any position of authority they may have had. A supervisor would be relieved of his or her duties. In the Navy each individual has a specific set of duties that are assigned to them. Once a person reaches the rank of E-4 to E-6 or petty officer third, second and first class they have more authority over lower ranking individuals. This authority allows a petty officer to be assigned as a supervisor or “mission lead”over other...

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