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In some countries every young person must serve two years in the military. Is this a good idea? Should other countries follow in this countries footstep? As we continue to face military conflicts across the globe, some have proposed that the United States adopt a similar policy. I believe that a two-year commitment of national service is completely uncalled for. Every young person should be able to choose to do whatever it is that they would like to do. Think back to a time when you were 17 going on 18 would you want somebody forcing you to go to a place you don’t want to go. I believe that every young person should not serve two years in the army unless they would like to. I believe this because by forcing people to do what they don’t want to do will make an sloppy army, it would be a violation of freedom, as well as some people just aren’t fit for the military.
One reason the United States military is so powerful is because it is made up of volunteers. Every Marine fighting on the front lines for the United States is there because that’s where they want to be, that’s the decision they made. If people were forced to join the military, then the troops might not be as reliable because some of the soldiers might be unenthusiastic to fight. Although joining the military is a great way to learn discipline, some of them don’t have respect for the service they provide. Nobody would want soldiers fighting in combat who didn’t really want to be there. If people are forced to do a task they haven’t chosen, they wont give their best to the task at hand.
Some argue that any sort of mandatory notional service is a violation of freedom. Why should young people be required to serve, even if they have not chosen to? This is most definitely a violation of freedom. Nobody should be forced to do anything that they do not want to do. The...

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