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Every man in Germany has to join the military service for eighteen months or serve analternative social service. However, an examination is given to those men who intend torender the alternative service that lasts 22 months. Less than thirty percent of all thosewho take the exam pass the very demanding test. The conscientious objectors have toprove that their moral beliefs don't allow them to use a weapon. Discouraged by the highfailing rate and the necessary, time-consuming preparation, a lot of young men don'teven try the test. The men who serve their military service have to cope with a totallynew world. The work conditions are physically very hard and the discipline is rigid. Theyoung soldiers also have to face an incisive change in their social life that sometimescan lead to serious emotional problems. A lot of men are very unhappy in the periodof their military service because they have to master so many challenges in the armyand changes in their usual life.Most of the men who serve the compulsory military service have just finished school oran education. Some of them didn't have physical exercise for years. Now they areconfronted with a hard bodily drill that many can't handle. Especially the first monthsare very difficult because the instructors try to get all the cadets to an equally high physicallevel. The most severe exercises are the marches. The soldiers have to walk between thirtyand sixty miles. To cope with such a distance in a specified time, the men are forced towalk at high speed. They even have to run special marked tracks. Additionally, they areobstructed by the baggage they have to carry, weighing approximately forty poundsincluding gun and ammunition. Sometimes a man collapses. Instead of taking this soldierinto an ambulance, his comrades have to drag him with them. Meanwhile, the instructorssit comfortably in a jeep and give out harsh orders to the men. The soldiers also have togo over the so-called fighting track at least two times each week where they have to climbhigh brick or wood walls, crawl underneath barbed wire and leap over wide water holes.Especially the climbing of the walls, which are up to nine feet high, is a hard exercise.Men who are not very tall can't even reach the top of the wall by jumping. A lot of cadetsare afraid of these physical exercises but there is no way for them to avoid this training.Strict discipline combined with harsh social manners are essential parts of the newworld that the men face in the Bundeswehr. First of all, when the men come to servetheir military service they have the lowest rank in the army. Almost everybody else hasa higher position and is able to give them orders. It is hard for most of the young soldiersto be screamed at for no reason. Some of the men have already finished their education orhave a university degree, so they are used to being treated in a polite tone...

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