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Military Versus Commercial Supply Chain Essay

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Both the military and civilian organizations’ supply chain have one thing in common: they must both incorporate information technology in their supply chain management. While some school of thought may argue that both sectors need the same organizational aptitude during the implementation of IT in supply chain, this claim is disputable. This paper mainly concentrates on the need for a much higher IT implementation in the military supply chain compared to civilian organizations.
Information technology is probably one of the most significant aspects in both the military and civilian organizations. Because of the major differences in the objectives of the supply chain designs in both sectors, ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, for each transmission, rotor blade, and engine replaced in a military field, a shell has to be transported back to the national maintenance programs or army repair depots (Wang, 2012). With all the complications involved in military inventory, there has to be adequate advancement in the information technology used in the sector as compared to civilian organizations.
Despite the fact that some models in the supply chain management are common in both sectors, military organizations may need superior analytical models because of the priorities and privileges, which they enjoy from governments. A larger percentage of governments’ resources go to military investments. Investing heavily in military research and development is akin to improving the national security of a state. This is the reason as to why supply chain models such as the deterministic analytical model is of great importance to the military compared to any civilian organization (Basu et al., 2007). Such models take into account mathematical programming models like dynamic, linear, and nonlinear programming.
These vital mathematical models find their applications in the military supply chain, especially in activities such as distribution, planning, facility location, resource balancing, raw material sourcing, and even scheduling production (Basu et al., 2007). These models help the military supply chain management to provide support for and to operate in extremely unpredictable eventualities. As a result, the army’s supply chain design is made to be demand-responsive and adaptive as various conditions change. Since this is the sole objective of the military supply chain, according to Wang (2012), the deterministic analytical models have to be thoroughly designed in the army as compared to civilian organizations.
The military must invest heavily in its supply chain information technology, using the above deterministic models to compete with various foreign commercial companies. This ensures...

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