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Milk has developed incredibly over the last thousands of years. Since the raw milk of goats or cows during the beginning of man, to the organics and fatty contents that is produced all over the world today (Vicini). But is the milk people drink today really the same milk from the beginning usage? Recognized by the American Cancer Society, milk is now known to increase the risk of cancer and other medical problems. This all relates to growth hormones, vitamins, and other medications now given to dairy cows, Because of this the United States should modify the regulations for anything put into a cow producing milk for the American population.
Milk is a common drink at any time of the day, and undeniably one of the most popular. Milk does not come in just a liquid form, it is also included in many different foods. When asked about milk most people will say it is good for your bones, supplies calcium, and comes from a cow. Although milk does give the body calcium which allows less to be absorbed from the bones, pasteurization takes out many other vitamins that could help the body (Historical). This includes thiamine, vitamin B12, and vitamin C. And actually while all milk is based on the original look of cows milk, not all milk comes from cows. Today there are five classifications of milk: Whole, 1% or 2%, fat-free, lactose free, and organic. The biggest advancement for milk has been in the lactose-free area where soybeans, coconuts, rice, and other nuts are used to create the white substance (Mattie).
Today it seems that if it is white and fatty then it is good enough, no matter how it is made or where it comes from. According Mike Ewall, affiliated with the United States Justice Network, present day cows are now given the recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), a genetically engineered hormone manufactured by Monsanto. Many concerns and health issues have been related to this injection, given to cows every week to cause a higher production of milk. Of course the milk still looks like milk when it is produced, but this hormone is now raising levels of pus, antibiotics residues and a cancer-accelerating hormone called the insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). One consequence that comes along with the increase production of milk is mastitis. Mastitis is an udder infection, which will cause access pus to be produced and does end up in the milk. Although this is before pasteurization, there are still traces in the product.. To make the situation even worse, once an infection is present, the cow is then treated with an antibiotic. This too is present in the product sold to consumers. Fortunately, these tanks of milk are tested for traces of antibiotic residue. But according to The Wall Journal studies in 1989, only four of the eighty-two antibiotics commonly used were tested for (Ewall).
Under the Administrative Procedures in the 2009 Food and Drug Administration, there states that: “Prior to processing, all raw milk supplies are sampled and tested for...

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