Milk And Cookies Essay

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Milk and Cookies
In this advertisement Oreo describes itself as milk’s favorite cookie. The milk Oreo has
chosen to represent their cookie is not just your typical milk from a dairy cow. Oreo is referring
to Mother’s milk. This advertisement was designed by Cheil Worldwide, but has not been
released to the public due to the overwhelming dilemma of public breastfeeding. This
advertisement depicting a woman breastfeeding her baby may seem funny even harmless to
some people, but others may take offense to the sexually explicit photographic images portrayed.
This company has made a brilliant advertisement using a clever pitch, and descriptive photo.
While combining milk and cookies is nothing new this add defiantly shakes things up by using
mother’s milk to draw a crowd. As more and more mothers are choosing to breastfeed over
bottle feed, this advertisement could be the deciding factor in a mother’s choice.
To begin with, this advertisement is depicting a woman breastfeeding her baby it may
seem funny to some people, because the baby is looking out of the corner of his eye as if he
already knows that milk and cookies are better together. The infant is a boy about six months
old. He is of Asian descent, with big brown eyes, and black hair. The Oreo he holds is uneaten
as if he can’t figure out how to combine his milk and his cookie. The look he has symbolizes
there is only one thing that you must have with a Oreo and that’s milk anything else is
unacceptable. Milk and cookies go together like bread and butter, pancakes and syrup, and this
baby knows that. Some will see this advertisement and think it’s quite hysterical.
Therefore, this advertisement as funny as it may be, shows a rather trashy side. Some
people may call it sexually explicit. If you closely examine the photo you will see that the
mothers nipple is hanging halfway out of the baby’s mouth and is visibly seen as he continues to
nurse. Some people may find it unethical to show such uncensored photos and protest it being
shown to the public. In some states there are laws against the exposure of a women’s nipple
making this a bargain basement photo . The photograph is very fleshy even though we know
what’s taking place in the photo is a natural thing, it won’t make the photo...

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