Mill Operation Findings And Recommendations Essay

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1. Executive Summary

The visit covers the findings and recommendations related to the refurbishment of the first line, the mill operation and identifying the bottle neck that would obstruct the mill from operate at full capacity (60 ton per hour). The findings and recommendations are summarized in the following sub-sections with details described in the ensuing main sections.

1.1 The progress of the refurbishment for the old line, the work of changing the digester liner for four units of digester and the fibre cyclone replacement were seen in progress. The others (refer to appendix 1) either under fabrication by external workshop, waiting the part being shipped by the suppliers or in the progress of tendering.

1.2 The mill operation was in satisfactory state however, there were some problem should be arrested immediately such as the excessive use of water in the process, high FFA, high oil losses ex decanter, no sampling point, high BOD ex effluent treatment plant and high sludge oil content in the mixing ponds.

1.3 Beside the mechanical, the mill must seriously train their process workers either in house or sending them to the nearby factory in order to train them how to do a process with two lines mill. It is very important for the mill to have a fully train workers in order to achieve its rated capacity.

2. First Line Refurbishment and Related Issues

2.1 Digester

2.1.1 The overhauling of 4 units digester is 50% completed. The digester liner was replaced by stainless steel liner and the badly corroded body at the lower part was cut and replaced. (Pix 1)
2.1.2 The mill is to repair the 2 units of their press on outage immediately. It is to ensure that the presses will be ready on time. (Pix 2)

2.2 Sterilizer

2.2.1 The replacement of 8 inches diameter steam inlet pipe to 12 inches diameter still in the stage of waiting the pipes to be shipped to the mill. The mill has to do a frequent follow up with the suppliers regarding the schedule of the pipe shipment.
2.2.2 The extra budget required to install auto control sterilization system had been approved. The mill manager is to file a request to CEO of Trurich for the installation of the system.

2.2.3 The replacement of the sterilizer liner for sterilizer no.1 and no.2 is expected to be on time. The plate for the sterilizer liner is in the rolling process at the contractor’s workshop.

2.3 Empty Bunch Conveyor

2.3.1 The empty bunch conveyor is going to be overhauled completely and it is expected to be completed by end of June. The mill is to follow up with the suppliers in order to ensure that all the materials ordered will reach the mill within the time frame for fabrication and installation.

2.4 Fiber cyclone

2.4.1 The replacement of the fiber cyclone line A is in progress. The contractor is in the process of dismantling of the old fiber cyclone. The replacement parts are still under fabrication at the contractor’s workshop. The mill...

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