Miller Beer Ads Essay

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Miller Beer Ads

In television commercials and magazine ads, Miller uses sex, and woman as a way to grab your attention and to sell the product. We all have heard the saying “sex sells” but how far can alcohol companies take it. In their latest commercials, Miller uses two very attractive female twins that argue about to positive aspects for why they drink Miller. One argues she drinks it for the great taste and the other because it’s less filling. This leads to a fight between these two very sexy twins ripping each others clothes off and wrestling around in a fountain of water; they strip each other down to just their underwear.
Alcohol advertising, especially in the broadcast media, represents the single greatest source of alcohol education for consumers. Beer and wine ads depict alcohol products as the ultimate reward for a football game well played or a job well done; they associate the consumption of beer and wine with financial success and romance; and in some cases, they explicitly encourage heavy drinking. Creativity, big money, and more than a little finesse formulate a message that alcohol is a necessary ingredient to enjoy a sports event or a night on the town.
How many people end the week with a nice cold beer? How many people drive to the club after consuming a few drinks? Although it may take you 15 minutes to get to the club, it only takes a few seconds to lose your life. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 3 out of 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related accident at some time in their lives. Many don’t walk away from these accidents. In the Untied States, traffic accidents involving alcohol killed 15,935 people during 1998 alone. According to NHTSA, there’s an alcohol related highway fatality in the United States every 33 minutes. In 1998 more than 300,000 people were injured in accidents involving alcohol. That’s an average of one person injured every 2 minutes. Despite serious public concern over the death and injury associated with drinking and driving over the last decade, it is not unusual for ads to associate drinking with driving and with other high-risk activities. Beer and wine coolers are ubiquitous components of a good time at the beach, on the white-water rafting trip, or on the ski slope. In a 1987 study by media communication specialists, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety concluded that beer commercials link drinking and driving through references to beer with images of moving cars and references to the pleasures of beer with the pleasures of driving.
Unfortunately, alcohol advertising remains a more significant alcohol educator than parents or the school system. Alcohol is the only drug for which knowledge about it as a drug decreases, rather than increases with age. Even fewer 14-year-olds identified beer, wine, or liquor as a drug than did their 10-year-old counterparts, and the percentage of children who thought daily use of alcohol was...

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